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July 12th 2017
Published: July 12th 2017
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Mila and Deken in the steep sided gorgeMila and Deken in the steep sided gorgeMila and Deken in the steep sided gorge

The narrow canyon has been cut by thousands of years of glacial ice. It is now well back on where it was not too many years ago.
Brendan and Tracey went off to Milan by train for the day so we were on kiddy duty. Our first option was to take them to the Bird Park where there are owls and eagles and injured birds but we couldn't get the buses to work for us without walking for ages. We chose instead to go to the Glacier Gorge after some playtime on the ropes in town. Many years ago we had visited this site but now the glacier is well back from the valley entrance. We were able to walk about a kilometre up the gorge mostly through a carved out rock path in the mountain and alongside the gorge. Where this wasn't suitable, a metal path had been cantilevered out over the river. It was a cold 10 degrees in the gorge. The cliffs are straight up, the gorge is narrow and the stream is swift flowing. There is a continuous roar as the sound is enclosed. I was fascinated by the history exposed in the rocks. There were slates, limestones and quartz inclusions showing the squeezing of the rocks with the layers all being convoluted. These rocks are 250 million years old and were once below
The blue netting Spider Web across the canyonThe blue netting Spider Web across the canyonThe blue netting Spider Web across the canyon

This is just an added attraction to the glacier walk but worth the experience. The surface is waved but contained by netting
the sea and are now exposed through the collision of the continents over the millennia. Part way up the Gorge is a blue webbed netting strung across the canyon which has a curved surface. It is called the Spider Web and you can walk over the river on it's surface. It's a bit weird but quite safe.

We had lunch back at the Chalet and a game of cards then headed off back to the village to the Sports Centre for a swim. What a great way to spend the afternoon with kids. We had great fun. The water was a warm 32 degrees and the pool complex had shallow, medium and deep pools with a hydro slide in one area and diving pools in another. The kids swam, played ball, jumped off the diving boards, slid down the slide, did somersaults and generally had fun. So did the grandparents.

The day was completed by buying groceries for a kids dinner - chips, chicken nuggets and salad, then home to chippies and drinks, making dinner and playing cards.

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Walking the WebWalking the Web
Walking the Web

Linds, Deken and Mila walking the curved surface contained by netting

12th July 2017

It sounds like you had a really lovely day. I would be interested to hear how Tracey and Brendan enjoyed their day in Italy and what Tracey thought of Milan, it is one of the fashion capitals of the world and has a most impressive train station - the artwork on the walls could rival any art gallery.
13th July 2017

Great Updates
Hi guys loving all the news didn't realise family were joining you what a treat & old enough to enjoy & remember. Every morning after first widdle Jaki reads your blog to us. Love it & enjoy because we have visited some of this area. Travel safely R&J

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