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May 17th 2005
Published: May 17th 2005
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Beautiful LucerneBeautiful LucerneBeautiful Lucerne

The Chapel Bridge and water tower. That's Mount Pilatus in the backgound.
My latest travel adventure takes me to Lucerne, Switzerland .
I seem to be destined to see all of Europe in the clouds and rain. This weekend was no different. But despite the weather Lucerne still gets high marks.
And since tourist season has finally started in Europe there are lots more interesting people to meet along the way. I made friends from Canada, Australia and Dubai.

Lucerne is surrounded by mountains and water which make it one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. My first day was mostly getting aquainted with the city and what it had to offer. I ended the day on a steam-ship cruise on Lake Lucerne. The next day started with a walking tour of the old city where we saw the Chapel Bridge with it’s the 17th century painted panels in the eves and Water Tower which was once part of the city’s fortification. The tour also included a visit to Löwenplatz , the Lion Monument commemorating the Swiss guards who were killed in Paris while defending the king’s palace.
That afternoon I took a guided excursion up in to the mountains. There are several mountain excursions to choose from. I chose Mount
Chapel Bridge and Water TowerChapel Bridge and Water TowerChapel Bridge and Water Tower

Part of the bridge and it’s paintings were destroyed by fire in 1993.
Titilus because it’s the tallest in the region (3000m/10,000ft above sea-level). You reach the top via a series of gondolas, cable cars and a revolving cable car.
On the morning of my departure I walked the Musegg Wall. This is part of the old city wall and has towers you can climb (what is it with Europe and towers with their narrow and spiral staircases?). The views from the towers are wonderful. One tower has a clock. It is the oldest public clock in Lucerne (1535) and always strikes the hour one minute ahead of all the other clocks in the city.

Switzerland is a very expensive place to visit. This is certainly not the place to go on a major shopping spree; unless you are shopping for Swiss-made watches or a Swiss Army knife. I bought both. :-)

Last time I was in Switzerland was 1989. The one thing I wanted to buy while there but felt I couldn’t afford was a Swatch. So 16 years later I decided I must have one. Maybe 16 years from now I’ll go back and be able to afford a Tag, Tissot or Rolex. Dare to dream….

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Walking the BridgeWalking the Bridge
Walking the Bridge

On the bridge perusing the paintings in the eves
Lion MonumentLion Monument
Lion Monument

Commemorating the Swiss guards who were killed in 1792 in Paris while defending the king’s palace.
For Sale!  Hotel GutschFor Sale!  Hotel Gutsch
For Sale! Hotel Gutsch

Hotel Gutsch has been closed since 2001. Apparently after 911 the lack of tourism in the city caused the once famous hotel to go-under. Now you can buy it for a mere 28 Million Swiss Francs.
Boat Cruise on Lake LucerneBoat Cruise on Lake Lucerne
Boat Cruise on Lake Lucerne

Views from the boat as we pass mountains and towns.
Up, up and away!Up, up and away!
Up, up and away!

Gondola ride to the top or Mount Titilus. People can ski your round here.

We went over these pigs half way up the mountain. Aren't they cute?
On the roof of SwitzerlandOn the roof of Switzerland
On the roof of Switzerland

Views at the top of Mount Titilus
Head In The CloudsHead In The Clouds
Head In The Clouds

I've been accused of having my head in the clouds. Well...here it is literally. It was cloudy on the peak of Mount Titilus.
Inside a glacier caveInside a glacier cave
Inside a glacier cave

You can walk though a glacier cave. They've set it up with fancy lighting and funky music. A bit creepy, actually.
On the way down from the peakOn the way down from the peak
On the way down from the peak

Is this a cough drop commercial? Ri-co-la! Or do you think I could find a chalet restaurant that serves chicken up here?
Musegg WallMusegg Wall
Musegg Wall

Walking the city wall and it's towers
Heidelberg to LucerneHeidelberg to Lucerne
Heidelberg to Lucerne

Lucerne is 340KM from Heidelberg

17th May 2005

Thanks for sharing
Hi Andra, thanks again for sharing your experiance with us, awesome pictures :-) - Carm
17th May 2005

Buy an Omega Watch
Hi Andra, I cant tell you how much I am enjoying your odyssey thru Europe. I get to Europe 2 weeks at a time in late June (last 4 years) My first trip took me to France and Switz. Lucerne in particular. I also fell in love with this Gem!. I'm a bit older than you and did buy an expensive Watch, an Omega Constellation.I've worn it every day since the purchase. I have since checked the price in the Carribean and US. The Lowest price was in Luzerne! I will be visiting Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg late June and Early July. Maybe I'll staret a Blog! Best Regards, Joe Z. - Joe Z.
17th May 2005

Wonderful to hear about your adventure, Wee! See you soon, Ang - Angie
18th May 2005

Hi Joe Z!
Hi Joe I think my favourite comments and messages are those I recieve from random people on the net. Of course I love hearing from my friends too. Watch this space...soon I'll have updates from Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Vienna. We can compare notes! Take care and thanks for the comment! Andra - Andra
24th May 2005

Have a wounderful Friend!
Thanks Andra to share your Luzern and Swiss experience. By the help of this Web it good to know about you and your travelling experience. Keep in touch. Khan Azhar - Azhar Khan
19th June 2005

Hi Andra, I am enjoying your pictures and write-ups so much as it is bringing back memories and now I want to get travelling again. Continue to have a great time working and travelling in Europe. What a wonderful educational opportunity and it sounds like you are having a super time. From one who has known you ever since you joined the folks around the corner from us! I enjoyed having you in my classrooms many years ago too. Greetings from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Linda

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