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4th October 2016

Excellent blog.
Your blog brings back memory of my 1990 Africa trip. Great pictures!
19th September 2013

Wish I was there
A great blog. I feel as though I am there with you. I wish. Uncle Harry.
15th September 2013

Just think ,you did not have to endure a trip on top of a rocket to see the moon. A terrific blog. Thanks. HARRY
19th September 2013

Mars too!
It's so true! We had moments we thought we were on Mars too. :-)
14th September 2013

What an interesting and spectacular place!
7th February 2013

Still living vicariously through you...
I hadn't checked in on your travels for a while, but I'm glad I did! Where to next? And Killer Bunnies is still on the table. The littlest one actually goes to bed at a reasonable hour (8:30) and stays asleep... let's make a date! K
18th July 2012

Yay, Vegas!
Have I ever told you guys how much I love your blog? Thank you for allowing me to visit fantastic places vicariously (though I notice that you didn't visit my dam mother-in-law while in Vegas... am I using that "dam" correctly?) (dam) - and we really, really, really MUST get together soon. If you can fit it in with all this dam travelling! K
From Blog: Hey Big Spender!
25th September 2012

Yes! We do need to plan a get together soon! I know you are expecting are you feeling?
From Blog: Hey Big Spender!
4th July 2012

Cari needs a new pair of shoes..... forget Bubbles.
Looks like a great trip. Any UFC sightings or events? Now that 40 is around the corner, are you getting any seniors discounts? lol. See you soon.
From Blog: Hey Big Spender!
26th January 2011

Do come back!
Glad to see such a positive write-up of Malta. It does tend to surprise for its size as it's deceptive how much there is to see and do here on this tiny crop of rocks. I can see you did us justice and got out and about to most places. So many people bemoan there's nothing to do, or just stay (summer time that is) in their hotel on the lido. If you do think of coming back, do check us out at as we try to post up and flag the more unusual side to the islands, from insiders - both visitors and locals. If you'd like to give us an article on your time here, just contact us. We need a nudge as to what visitors need to know more about before the come too. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon, if you're on it still!
19th January 2011

great post
I just wanted to thank you for your post. Always happy to read such. TOP RECOMMENDATION Santorini Travel Advisor
18th January 2011
Hallway outside our staterooms

I'm sure I've seen that carpetting before in an episode of 'Three's Company'!
18th January 2011

No big deal...
"Relax Lois. I'm sure it's not pirates. Probably part of the after-dinner entertainment!"
18th January 2011
Our Boat

You mean you've actually been on a BOAT all this time? Wow!
18th January 2011
Any guesses what this is?

Blaine beat me to it. Clearly public toilets (I think...) Seriously Steff... COW TROUGHS?! LOL! Tell ya what, I'll buy you a beer for "most creative" ;)
18th January 2011

Welcome home!
Well it looks like you guys had a great time. Welcome back.
15th January 2011

Thanks so much guys.I've enjoyed traveling along with you on you trip. Totally awesome! xo xo Dawn
13th January 2011

What in a year?
Starting to feel like you guys left last year. When are you coming back? Are you coming back?
13th January 2011

If bacteria were ice we could march elephants on that canal....
13th January 2011
Canal in Cairo

like the Rideau?
Can you skate on it in the winter?
13th January 2011
King Ramses the Second At Memphis

...he's a LOT bigger than I thought!
8th January 2011

Public Toilet!
I owe you a beer, Mr Walsh!! sponges and sticks. there was running water in the gutter in they used that. you didn't want to be the guy downstream.... :-)
8th January 2011

They really were supurb. VERY tempting...but we did not buy. Next visit.
8th January 2011

Did you buy a carpet? I should have put in my order! Looks amazing!
8th January 2011
Any guesses what this is?

Its a public toilet
As an added piece of information, there would be sponges on a stick for which the patrons could 'wipe' themselves and then leave it for the next person......ewwwwwww

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