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April 12th 2005
Published: April 12th 2005
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Smart Car ForTwoSmart Car ForTwoSmart Car ForTwo

Covered in the logos of the rental company.
One thing the Germans do well is car making. BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes…and of course, Smart!
The Smart ForTwo is what I’ve rented for my last 6 days in Heidelberg before my 2 week visit home to Ottawa.

First I drove it from the Frankfurt airport to Heidelberg reaching speeds up to 130km/h on the autobahn (it’s maximum speed is 140km/h).

The next day I drove the smaller highway along the Neckar River southwest to Heilbronn. Along the way are many vineyards, castles and fairy-tale-looking towns.
After 7-8 hours of driving it was time to fill my tank. Cost: 16 Euros (approx $26CDN)

Additional photos below
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Berg GuttenbergBerg Guttenberg
Berg Guttenberg

Berg Guttenberg Vinyard
Berg HornbergBerg Hornberg
Berg Hornberg

Berg Hornberg Vinyard
2 Smart Cars, 1 Space2 Smart Cars, 1 Space
2 Smart Cars, 1 Space

These 2 Smart cars share one parking space in my garage in Heidelberg
Heidelberg to HeilbronnHeidelberg to Heilbronn
Heidelberg to Heilbronn

It's approximatly 70KM to Heilbronn on the autobahn. I took the long route.

12th April 2005

The shoe looks roomier. - Dan
14th April 2005

I love it! Those are so much fun!
Looking forward to seeing you when you are home, Wee! - Angie
20th January 2006

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