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July 3rd 2010
Published: June 6th 2017
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Geo: 59.3327, 18.0645

When we woke up this morning we were already docked in Stockholm, Sweden. We had a horrible view from our verandah. It was a large building as tall as the ship. Up to this point, we had amazing views from our side of the ship. Turns out that this the view on the other side was just as bad. At least our side faced the old town area (if we could see through the building)

We had breakfast in Lumiere's and then joined our Tour. We had chosen a tour of Old Town and then a stop at the Ice Bar.

Our bus stopped in Old Town near the Palace and then walked to the town square and through the twisty streets. Once we were back on the bus we went to the hotel where the ice bar was located. When we were let into the ice bar, we were given shells to use to pay for our beverage (with or without alcohol) and then we were given fur lined, hooded ponchos and gloves. The entire bar was created from ice. This included the glasses that the beverage was served in. It was 23 degrees F inside the bar itself. It was really cool to see.

Then it was back on the bus and back to the ship. The girls weren't too interested in going back out to Stockholm so we just relaxed on the ship for the rest of the afternoon. Nikki and I went to the Quite Cove Pool and Regan and Kelsie did…who knows what.

There was an ABBA tribute just before we sailed away. We spent the next 3+ hours sailing through the archipelago. What an amazing site to see land almost so close to the ship that you can touch it.

Nikki and I had dinner at Palo tonight and Cindy joined us. Regan and Kelsie ate in the dining room. The dining room theme was Flavors of Scandinavia.

Regan and Kelsie went to see the show called Walt Disney The Dream Goes On but Nikki and I were too late to see it. The girls said it was great.

The girls went off to their respective clubs and Nikki and I went to play Disney Trivia.

Then off to bed.


Ric: Portabello Mushroom and Polenta, Tenderloin and Tuna and Panna Cotta and Pineapple Ravioli and Passion Fruit Gelato

Nikki: Grilled Shrimp, Pasta with Beef and Pancetta and Passion Fruit Gelato

Ric, Nikki and Cindy Shared: Pizza, Lobster Ravioli and Gnocchi

Regan: Cheese Souffle, Potato Bacon Cheese Soup, Elk and a Pistachio Sundae

Kelsie: Asparagus, Salad, Steak and Dessert Trio

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4th July 2010

This sounds like it was a really cool day! Did the parkas keep you warm in the ice bar? Regan looks like she is totally soaking it in!Enjoy Independence Day at sea!Steve
5th July 2010

Ice bar, cool!

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