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Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County March 8th 2015

Bueno gente querida, acá va el update de la semana. La primer semana laboral fue agotadora, con jornadas de 11 horas de taller ayudando a construir y probar un prototipo de aire portátil (que determinamos que es imposible hacerlo de la manera que marketing y diseño esperan) y con mucho café para salir adelante. La mañana del miércoles, que me proporcionó un poco de descanso, la dediqué con Tau para empezar todos los trámites migratorios y bancarios, robando una horita de más para ir a almorzar con su grupo de amigos españoles que, como todo el resto de la gente que voy conociendo, me integraron de una en su grupo encantados de sumar a un argentino con una mentalidad similar a la de ellos. El fútbol de jueves fue una amansadora, ya que por falta de ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Enskede February 27th 2015

Ok, una pequeña intro, voy a tratar de mantener este blog actualizado con las cosas importantes o interesantes que me estén pasando durante esta experiencia increíble. Hace mucho que no me siento a escribir algo, así que no esperen excelencia literaria, pero si les interesa estar al tanto de mis andanzas, este será el medio para hacerlo (No pienso estar explicándole a cada uno por Whatsapp todo lo que me esté pasando). Bueno, comenzamos. Suecia me recibió de una manera increíble, con uno de los pocos días soleados que tiene en esta época, y con 4ºC que después de la ola polar de New York (donde estuve la semana pasada) parecía que estuviera llegado al caribe. En la estación del bondi que me tomé desde el aeropuerto me esperaban Tau (Mi "buddy" de AIESEC) y mi ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 4th 2014

Stockholm - It was a long time in coming, but we finally made it. Those of you that have been following our blog may remember that we had a crazy idea that we would have made it up the coast from Portugal last year and then into the Baltic to Stockholm. Needless to say that plan was changed thankfully so that we could take more time to enjoy the places we visited last season. One of our main goals of getting to Stockholm was to re-unite with our good friends, Martin and Johanna. We spent quite a bit of time together with them in the Caribbean and wanted to reunite as they had returned to Sweden. It also gave us an opportunity to meet the newest member of the family, Harald. After several days of anchoring ... read more
Guess They Couldn't Decide
Plenty of Ferries Needed
A Little More Developed Area in Sweden

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 3rd 2014

So, you are stuck in coach, on either a red eye to the east coast, or an overnighter to Asia or Europe. Like all good and bad travelers, you are going to try to sleep. First, you are going to have a nice dinner and some cocktails. Then, if you are still not sleepy, watch a movie and take an Ambien (sleeping pill). Now the fun starts. Who are you sleeping next to? Now, the average economy class seat in only 18 inches wide. Some people can sleep anywhere, and some of us are a little more particular. I can sleep in coach is the entire middle section of a wide body is empty. Then, I can stretch out completely, and get 6-8 hours of sleep. That has happened to me only a handful of times. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 1st 2014

Arriving in Sweden was a bit of a challenge, I was meant to arrive at 12am from Heathrow, the flight was late leaving because the pilots didn’t have the load sheet! So we were late arriving I think we got there about 12:45. By the time I got a bus to town then a taxi it was about 3am before I got to my hostel. My impressions of Stockholm are that it is a very easy city to get around in, everyone is very friendly, almost everyone speaks excellent English (and in all Scandinavian countries), the food is fantastic however things are very expensive. I have to say I was expecting every shop to be playing Abba songs, apart from outside the Abba museum I didn’t hear one. I was also expecting all the girls to ... read more
Old Town

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 22nd 2014

Stockholm Sweden 20-22 July 2014 Having left the beautiful city of Copenhagen at around 10.00am, we drove along the coast to see the city beaches. There were a lot of people enjoying the warm weather. In some places, where the sand was narrow, there was plenty of grass for people to lounge around on. After getting diesel, we drove onto the car ferry between Helsinger to Helsingborg, which we had been on before when we drove up the western coast of Sweden. After heading NE, we called into Jonkoping which is on the southern tip of the very big Vanern Lake. We were certainly starting to see some of the many lakes that Sweden has, particularly in southern and central Sweden. Jonkoping has a big river flowing through it, which flows out to the lake. There ... read more
Canal & Bridge Tour Stockholm (42)
Nordiska Museum Stockholm (1)
Near our camp site in Stockholm (1)

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Arlanda July 10th 2014

Ja då var man påväg. Tagit mig en lunch på Arlanda terminal 2 i väntan på planet till London, Heathrow. Därifrån går det sen vidare till NY där jag får försöka hitta nånstans att sova några timmar för att sen fortsätta mot Los Angeles. Har som just börjat sjunka in att jag ska åka. Ikväll är man i USA. Brukar ju som vara rätt lugn av mig, men idag när jag satte mig på planet mot sthlm kände jag en ovan känsla, som pirrade lite lätt. En liten känsla av nervositet! Inte varje dag man är påväg mot andra sidan jorden för att hänga med främlingar och prata ett annat språk i fem-sex veckor.... Meen en kaffe på det här så drar jag till heathrow sen!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 7th 2014

Stockholm was one of the four capital cities I visited last month on my Eastern European Baltic Tour. Having never visited before, it was a trip of first impressions, taking in the culture; something I love. Landscape and arrival For me often the most exciting part of landing in a country is looking out the window; primarily to take my mind off the potential ear popping, but to get a first glimpse. In Sweden's case, it was literally green. It may sound a silly description, but despite landing in a rural area of Sweden, I've never landed in a place surrounded by so many trees. We continued our voyage on the ferry in the evening, and saw the best sunset I've seen to date and were literally followed by constant greenery. Every now and then we'd ... read more
Stockholm; Cyclist City.
Green Sweden
Swedish hair-care

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm June 16th 2014

So Stockholm was our first stop on Summer Tour and was also the place we would return back to at the end. Here we met our Estonian tour guide and the other people who we'd be spending the rest of the week with. Our university History Society dominated the group on tour, but it was still great meeting new people! Stockholm had a really cool culture.. we laughed at the amount of hairdressers and advertisements as they seemed to be everywhere, as well as the amount of people riding bikes! We were told that people on bicycles get right of way and that we can't walk on the labelled bike paths. It was quite cool and a friend I met from Germany said that similarly everyone back home travels around by bike, because it's 'good for ... read more
Tour Tshirts!
Stockholm Sunset

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm June 16th 2014

Mixed emotions on this day really, we slowly began to be happy that the end of the tour was coming after such a hectic week and so many early starts, but we all agreed it's mad how much you can get done! We were all laughing and joking actually, force the laziness out of a group of students and you actually get a group of people who can wake up on time (some grumpily) and get ready. It was great ending the tour in Stockholm, as it was effectively a free day until the airport in the night, so we split into groups dependent on where we wanted to go! The weather was beautiful, reflecting, we were quite lucky... only a morning in Tallinn and a day in Helsinki was it raining. For myself and a ... read more
Jumping in Stockholm

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