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July 11th 2007
Published: July 11th 2007
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Hello there,

finally I arrived in Stockholm last monday. I came by highspeed train from Falkenberg, via Göteborg. I stayed a few hours in Göteborg before heading to Stockholm.

The last days at Tommy's were fun. Saturday was rainy almost the whole day, but later in the afternoon in became dry. Then we went to Halmstad, where we also had some beers and played some pool. Tommy won 9 of the 12 games we played...he was just lucky, lol. On Sunday we had better weather and we went around Falkenberg and the countryside around. It was a nice trip! We also had some drinks at the house of the boyfriend of Tommy's mom. He lives on the countryside.

Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden. The city is ok, it has it's beautiful things but I wasn't really impressed. Maybe it's because I spent just a few hours there and didn't see all highlights. It was monday, but the city was very busy. People walking everywhere and shopping! The trainjourney from Göteborg to Stockholm took about 3 hours. Once in Stockholm I bought a 3-day metrocard and went to my hostel. Stockholm has an excellent metrosystem with 7 lines, all of them passing through T-Centralen (Central Station).

Stockholm is the northernmost city I've ever been till now. Now that it's summer, the days are very long and the nights are very short. The sun sets somewhere between 22:15 - 22:30, and around 3:15-3:30 the first signs of the sunrise can be seen in the skies. It's quite interesting to see.

The hostel is actually a school, only during summer they convert it into a hostel. Of course there are people from all over the world staying here and it's easy to start a conversation and socialize with the other tourists. Like yesterday, we tried to get into the nightlife of Stockholm, together with some French, Canadian and Romanian tourists, but on Tuesdays most clubs are wasn't a succes. Tonight I'll go to a place called La Isla, where they supposed to have Latino dancing nights on Wednesdays.

The most common question I get, is of course "Where are you from"? When I say "Curaçao", I see many expressions on people faces, like "where is that"? I pull a small map out of my pocket and show them where it is. Then many other questions will follow like "which languagues are spoken there?" how many people live there"? "How big is it"? etc. They're all interested to know more about Curacao because they've never heard about it. In town I met a Cuban girl and till now she was the only one who knew where Curaçao is.
About the people in Sweden: yes, there are many blondes here and many beautiful ones. I've never seen so many nice blondes looking intelligent though 😉.

Stockholm is a very nice city, and also very expensive. But there are many cheap places around to eat, you shouldn't spend more than 125 SEK (EUR 13,50) for a decent meal. Gamla Stan, an old town, is one of the most beautiful parts of the city and that's where the Royal Palace is located. Since yesterday the weather improved and it became sunny: sunglasses out of the pocket and take jacket off!

Anyway, I'm leaving again. Tomorrow I'll catch my flight to Rome, where I'll stay till next Tuesday.
Take care all and God bless you!

Stockholm, Sweden.

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11th July 2007

Looks like a nice Trip MR elton! How are you doing NICE BLOG and very nice pics Cheers Frank Balstra!
11th July 2007

Hey Elton, leuk om alles zo te lezen. (ben trouwens te lui om in het Engels te reageren ;) Zo te lezen vermaak je, je wel daar. Nu naar de mooie stad Rome. Ben benieuwd wat je ervan vind. Oja, ik ga toch maar op vakantie, volgende week ga ik naar Rhodos, toch maar ff weg, haha. Spreek je Timo
12th July 2007

ELton! Looks like you're having a good time and Scandinavia is treating you well.. Are you still using your Dutch Mobile number? Then I will text you when we arrive in cinque terre, Italy.. Regards Koen
13th July 2007

Great man. Like always traveling. Hope you'll envoy Rome. Send some pic. Danise from Curacao.

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