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Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping August 26th 2011

Today is all about the packing. We have gone to the pharmacy and in addition to the vaccines we have already taken, bought a plethera (sp?) of medicines, pills, liquids, cremes, bandaids handsanitizer, sprutor. allt and everything, which could possibly be necessary whilst we are away from the west. Today we are going to go into town and purchase the last supplies we will need, batteries, flashlights, camping gear, zombie-repellant. Still trying to decide what is important to have with, my clothing isnt directly suited to the climate of tanzania. Updated packing list will follow in tomorrows entry along with photos of the packed up gear. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping June 15th 2011

Hi there, No no, I'm not anymore in Sweden. But as my journey ended the 21st of June, I didn't write all my adventures down so ... a little journey back in time to tell you what happened in the South of Sweden. On June 15 we said goodbye for the second time to Christine and went to the trainstation. Prices are really silly here when you want to take the train. When you pay in advance a journey from Stockholm to Nyköping would cost round €15. If you decide to go the same day you pay €30 and when you are in a hurry and don't have the time to buy a ticket at the ticket office you pay €11 more in the train. If this is what waits for us in Belgium with the ... read more
12 - 16 juni Stockholm en Nyköping 009
12 - 16 juni Stockholm en Nyköping 010
12 - 16 juni Stockholm en Nyköping 011

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping June 11th 2011

Only two minutes left of internet time at skavsta, Awoke from thunder this morning at a nice hostel. Awoke at 4:00... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping January 3rd 2010

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping July 27th 2009

Hello Again, We left Oland for our next stop. We are on our way to visit Jan's friend Jocke. Jan and Jocke sailed together for 15 months on a little Red (or pink depending on who you ask) Sail boat. Jocke picked us up by boat and our adventure began. I just have to say that I feel very blessed to be able to experience the Island life in this way. We stayed on an Island partly owned by Jocke's family and Party owned by Tove's family. Jocke and Tove met on the Island and nine years later have their own home and little Julia. It really is a fairly tale story. Spending time with Julia (An adorable one year old little girl) has been a highlight of our trip. The Swedish Archipelago is an amazing ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping July 27th 2009

Hello, We finally got on or way and started our trip on the road. From Jan's brothers Ingvar's house in Blentarp (Hi Ingvar) we drove north to the Island Oland. We met up with Ricki and Micke and there families. Micke rented a summer house and we stopped by for one night. It is great to travel with your own bedroom. You can crash any party. We arrived in time for dinner (barely) and had a great meal and game of Kubb. It was a great way to spend some time with Jan's friends and drink wine with my new friends. We will miss them but are planning a little party when we get back in October. The next day we went on our own adventure and toured the rest of the Island and stayed one ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping June 8th 2009

So I didnt sleep one minute in the airport. I read my book on Rome when I got bored. Everyone around me was sleeping on the floor like it was a bloody hostel. I had to go to the washroom after a bit and i didnt want to leave my bag around, trusting anyone nearby. So i had to pack up everything and go to the washroom. When i got back i got some change into bigger coins for the internet. I lined up for the baggage check and supposedly i was in the wrong line, but there was nothing that said which flight it was for. Luckily the lady wasnt a smartass and did my check in for me and told me to take my bag to the delicate conveyer because of all the straps ... read more
View from the wing
Over water
Hooka in the Park

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping November 21st 2006

5 days to go and all we seem to do it run around buying more or less useful (-less?) things. So, much more fun to figure out how this blog works For the trip, we'll do this in both English and Swedish as granny Alice refuses to learn a new language at 87, quite understandably really... Next stop: New York - via dear old Blighty - on Sunday... /H... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping July 15th 2006

We spent a really laid-back day today at the country house of our friends Sverker and Annika. After breakfast we drove into town and did some shopping in the town center. Most of the stores were filled with summertime visitors and most had big sales going on. Annika told us that it was better to go shopping in Nyköping because the stores are less crowded that in Stockholm and the things they sell are just as good. Many of the brands of clothing and shoes are the same as we see in the U.S. In fact many goods had price tags with prices for several countries including (naturally enough) Sweden, EU countries, and the U.S. The central shopping district of the town is closed to vehicle traffic, and many buildings contain multiple stores, like tiny malls. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping July 14th 2006

We drove with our friends Sverker and Annika from Stockholm to Nyköping (nee-shipping), a smallish town about 120 kilometers down the road. Near Nyköping they have a beautiful country cottage near the Baltic, which they have restored. Here it is so quiet that all you can hear is the wind blowing through the grass and the occasional moo of the neighboring cows. Most of the houses we have seen are what we would call barn red with white trim around the windows and doors and terra cotta tiles on the roof. These seem to be the typical Swedish design. Sometimes the houses are a golden yellow, but most are red with the white trim. The country around here seems to be sparsely populated, especially outside of the towns. As you drive you see fields of wheat, ... read more

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