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September 22nd 2016
Published: September 22nd 2016
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Roncesvalles is a tiny little village that since the 12 century has received all pilgrims according to the guide book. I discoveref last night that it comprises the church, albergue andvtwo restaurants so no opportunity to change rucksack. Its beautiful in its simplicity though although on quite a grand scale.

In next bed to Michelle we had dinner on thevssme table as a young Taiwan fellow and his Columbian travelling companion who spraks even less English. I speak neither Taiwan nor Columbian of course. Making conversation was challenging but enjoyable.

For dinner we had pasta and tomato sauce followed by fish and chips
The fish had all its head on and scales and wasn't filleted but after getting over the initial trauma we found it to be delicious. A set curdled looking pineapple yogurt for pudding which was also delicious. At this rate I will come back like a bacon pig! Or Babe even.

I attended mass last night in tbr spirit of pilgrimage but couldn't understand a word they were saying and missed out on a blessing as I didn't know when to go up.

The building itself is something else masisvr high ceiling dtine arches and glorious stained glass.

On the trot this morning as have to go to breakfast soon and be out. Breakfast will be toast, jam and coffee. The big breakfasts had sold out by the time I arrived.

On to Zubribi.


22nd September 2016

What stylish writing!
Hi Steph, You're writing a brilliant blog, in true 'travel writer style'. It brightens my day to see what you've been up to and where you're going next! Your descriptions provide a great flavour of your travels and your comical observations make me laugh out loud. Keep going with the blog - and do include the foodie updates (fish with head and scales on) . I'll look forward to the next instalment. Ali. x
22nd September 2016

Glad you're enjoying it
So glad you're enjoying it, Ali. I was worried that it might be clogging up your emails. Thanks for your kind words, I will try and keep it up. So far we've had Wi-Fi to and charging facilities. Hope you had a good hols and works fine x

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