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September 22nd 2016
Published: September 22nd 2016
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I forgot to tell you yesterday about the crossing of the French/Spanish border. I knew it would be crossed but didn't know where or if we would need a passport.

Anyway, I just happened to be taking a photo of a stone that had ' Santiago 790 km engraved on it, partly because I'd seen quite a few other people taking photos of it and partly because, on closer inspection, it looked quite nice. Still standing there I was shocked when a petite older lady I'd seen before with frizzy bobbed salt and pepper hair and pink crimplene style walking slacks came running back down wafting her hands in the air.I was relieved to be honest when she shouted 'la borrrrrda, la borrrrrda. It did me a massive favour as I then knew I was standing on the exact point of the French/Spanish border. Otherwise I would have ambled on completely oblivious.

Today, I was originally planning on stopping at Zubiri but having arrived there at 1 pm, I carried on and have ended up at Larrasoana where I am staying in a lovely little albergue which is clean and friendly.

One thing I have learnt is that everyone has to go at their own pace on the Camino. I started the day walking with Michelle for quite a few kms but we gradually separated and I went ahead. The nice dutch lady from the first day in the pilgrim office and I have crossed a few times. We were delighted to catch up again and no doubt our paths will cross later in the walk as well. I am disappointed not to have met Faye and Christine again as we got on so well but they were going at a very slow pace and I hope they made it to the albergue on time. I continue to meet lots of lovely people. Its transient and different from enduring friendships but nice nonetheless. Everybody is walking in the spirit of the Camino and looking out for each other.

On the food front not a great deal to report. On the first couple of days, because of the travelling I had snacked quite a lot. Arriving in St J P de P on Tuesday after having only a croissant for breakfast and some mixed nuts on the train I was desperate for a proper meal with vegetables ideally. Not understanding hardly a word of the menu I opted for a jambon as it appeared to list quite a few ingredients and was 'chaud' so I knew it was hot. It turned out to be their equivalent of a sausage sandwich! A strange affair of tomato sauce and sausages cut the round way on some bread. It was served with a massive pile of grated carrot. Still, I was glad to have a vegetable.

The walk today has predominantly been through woodland not dissimilar to our own but very pretty in the sunlight with leaves shining glossy and the sun shining through creating a lace filigree. In the open spaces it has been more arid than yesterday and with a lot of woodland. We have been through more villages today and visited a lovely little cafe which provided a French stick cob with ham and cheese and a coffee for 3 euro 20. Excellent. We won't go into the parma ham bit of it. I knew I didn't like that before.

Not sure where I'm going tomorrow now as I've thrown myself out a bit by going further today. It was a good move though. Unfortunately it means I might have to read the guide book a bit to find out. So far I've been going to the next stop in the book and just followed the signs and other pilgrims.

C'est la vie


22nd September 2016

Loving it!
Hi Steph, Well, what progress you're making. Thank you so much for doing this blog - we feel like we are there with you and we are so happy that you seem to be enjoying it so much. Your writing has become so descriptive and eloquent, I'm sure there's a book to be written!! Looking forward to the next instalment. Lots of love, Jane and John xx
23rd September 2016

Excellent, will try and keep it up!
Thanks for the really life lovely feedback. Its good to think you are with me.

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