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October 27th 2012
Published: October 27th 2012
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Q: What Is This?Q: What Is This?Q: What Is This?

A: It is a "horreos" a space where the farmers keep their grain and corn for the winter
I have not given you the answer to the quiz I gave you a couple of days ago. The answer is that is a "horreos" a space where the farmers keep their grain and corn for the winter. See that that they are build on a elevation to avoid humidity, have ventilation and, if you observe the construction closely,you will see that mice and rats can not get to the grains, unless they learn to walk up side down.I had the opportunity to see the horreos to be used by an elderly couple. I scared the hell out of them when they were standing above and I down somewhere on the ground and called them. For the only time I got lost was yesterday and thanks to God that I met these people and could ask them the way back to the Camino. Worse their scare because I had not understood their gallego well and had to go back to clarify their directions.


28th October 2012

Hoi Peter, Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met het behalen van je einddoel! Wat zul jij trots zijn op jezelf. Ben benieuwd hoe je het ervaart als je weer terug bent. Zal best wel even wennen zijn om je gewone leven weer op te pakken. Natacha
30th October 2012

Heel hartelijk dank voor je berichtje en felicitaties. Het is een geweldige ervaring geweest. Thuis komen is weer even wennen, maar gezien er niet veel anders op zit doen we het maar. Groetjes aan allen.

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