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April 8th 2022
Published: April 20th 2022
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Ok, after a great trip in Morocco we arrived to a cold Madrid, which put a damper on our intended section of the camino. Cold and rainy did not sound like alot of fun. So, instead we headed south to Seville looking for warmer weather and sun.

We also knew Easter week would be starting on Apr 10th and had heard it was quite the event. And it was !!! It occurs most days and/or nights with elaborate processionals.

During the week we saw them in Seville, Cordoba, Zuheros and Granada . Each was abit different with a common theme of elaborate floats being carried on the shoulders of about 25 people, thru the narrow streets. Always accompanied by a band, and people wearing pointed hats covering their faces. Yes, to Americans, way too similar to the kkk costume. But this is a tradition from the 16th century.

In every village, each church would have their own procession. And there are alot of churches! Seville has more than 115, Granada has more than 300! The processional often would occur until 2am!

In Cordoba, a lovely town, we inadvertently booked a small apartment on the main street of many of the processionals. Made for some interesting videos and pics, but not much sleep.

This was the first major celebration since pre covid so there were alot of people! In Seville, we found it almost impossible to get back to our apt thru the throngs of people. But it was fascinating.

The pics of people in the purple robes was from Zuheros, a very small village of about 600 people. We stopped in for a morning coffee, and to walk around one of the 'prettiest white villages'. Our coffee ended up placing us in the main square, while the village had a morning procession. Every single person in the village had to have been attending!

Other than that we waundered around each town and went into some amazing Cathedrals. All of them began as Mosques, transformed during the Spanish inquisition. Seville's is the 4th largest in the world, and the largest Gothic church in the world, beating out the Hagia Sophia. And the interior was incredible.

The Cordoba Cathedral interior kept most of the Mosque arches, with a large Christian altar in the center. An interesting blend of the two religions.

We are now on the S coast and the camino will have to wait for another trip.

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A bit of a strange site, but by the end of the weekk, I stopped A bit of a strange site, but by the end of the weekk, I stopped
A bit of a strange site, but by the end of the weekk, I stopped

No longer feeling the need to photograph them...!
works up a thirst!works up a thirst!
works up a thirst!

Guess he did not give up beer for lent

21st April 2022

Spain is a colorful country
Great photos as usual. On my eastern U.S.A trip and at Josh's condo. Saw Headings today at Union Station and the three of us will go see Matt Davenport and family Sunday. Then off to VA and later Merle Fest in N.C. Stay safe and have fun. Grant
22nd April 2022

The history of Spain is amazing and the Moors were more humane that the Christians. The buildings, the architectural history in front of us is amazing and stronger than France.

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