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June 2nd 2009
Published: June 3rd 2009
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Sunday morning, I overslept and had to rush out of the hostel before they charged me for an extra night. I made it to my bus stop and climbed on with my 29345792384 bags. Oy. My bus stopped near the beach and I walked towards the metro stop. BUT the ones I passed look like they didn't go back towards the school. O_o; So, I just kept walking. By the time I got to where the metro turns around and goes towards the school, I figured "Ah, I've already walked this far. It can't be long!" ¡Ay dios mío! I dragged those bags for ages. Honestly, it's not that long of a walk, but when you're carrying heavy bags, it's torture. :/

Anyway, I made it to my school and got all settled. I wanted to take a photo of the room before I trashed it, but I was so tired that I didn't care. My stuff is all over the place, now, but imagine my college dorm with a private bathroom. (OH YES PRIVATE BATHROOM. ♥!) I was starving by this time so, I asked the girl at the reception desk if there was a supermercado nearby. She said that everything was closed because it's Sunday. O_O; She gave me directions to OpenCor, but my directional skills suck, so I just went for a walk.

I arbitrarily took streets until I saw people walking by with shopping bags. HURRAY! I went in the direction they were coming from and found OpenCor. Oh baby Jesus, it's just like Walgreen's! I love it so much. They have wrapped sandwiches that are delicioso. I'm so excited about OpenCor. I can't explain it.

Monday morning, I overslept again. :/ They called my room and were like, "Um.. Are you coming down, today or tomorrow?" I was like, "Gjoasdhgadg!" So, I rushed downstairs to take my Spanish test. It was hard! It was part multiple choice, written, and spoken. Oh, dear. She asked me simple questions, but my brain froze and I couldn't think. I mumbled a lot and I think I said a lot of craziness. haha.

In the end, she placed me into a low group because my that. She said that I know present tense and a little past tense, but that she wanted to start me there. It's fine, though. I know more than the kids in my class, but they speak Spanish better than I do. (Odd?) Also, the professors are clarifying a lot on things that I know. The details of usage, I guess.

I didn't walk as much on Sunday and Monday as I had over the weekend, so I decided to go for a walk after class on Tuesday. I took the metro to a stop near Jardines del Real (Royal Gardens) and it was a short walk from there. MY GOD. It was so pretty! Lots of people were out there exercising, walking their dogs, or playing with their kids. Some guy even had a big, black hog out there. The dogs were freaking out and all the kids were mesmerized. :D It was really lovely out there.

It was almost 8, I think, when I decided to leave. (It doesn't get dark here until RIGHT after 9, I think.) I was walking along one main street and looking at all the stores when it reached a roundabout and I had no idea where to go from there. I just kept going straight, but it was a little neighborhood that wasn't on my map. So, I went north towards the metro line. When I reached the end, I saw the University of Valencia (Tarrongers Campus) on my right. Right where I wanted to be! So, I went that way and took a right at the end of the street.

As I was walking I thought, "Oh, wait... This isn't right." The stores looked familiar, but it wasn't the way to my dorm. As I kept walking, I realized that this was the street I took on Sunday to get to OpenCor. Perfect because I needed food and water badly. When I was done with OpenCor, I knew exactly how to get back to my dorm. Baby Jesus must be watching me because that was a perfect accident. I probably won't go back towards Jardines del Real, though. It's a good walk, but my class ends so late that by the time I get there I don't have much time before I need to come back. :/

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Jardines del RealJardines del Real
Jardines del Real

¡La policia!

3rd June 2009

Hey I'm so glad to see your having fun. I miss you. All the pictures are very pretty. when you can see it. haha. At least your getting your exercise in while your getting lost.
4th June 2009

Wow, it looks beautiful there. :) Glad you have a good sense of direction, i'd get so lost!
5th June 2009

Great Place
lovely place, i lived near by and is very tranquile and relaxing place good choice http://www.nesthostelsvalencia.com
6th June 2009

Awesome pictures. The park looks so pretty and clean! :D Good to hear you're out and about and exploring. Can't wait to read more about your classes!

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