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February 10th 2010
Published: March 11th 2010
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Spring waterSpring waterSpring water

At the base of the mountain
Sorry for not updating recently! I'll catch up a lot this weekend. I wrote this entry a month ago and hadn't uploaded the photos. But now it's finished! I promise another entry or two in the next few days. 😊

This weekend I took a trip to Bernia, a mountain in Calpe. On Saturday, I met the group down at Plaza Los Luceros at 8 am (too early!) After a two hour bus ride, and me sleeping with my head against the window, we arrived in Calpe, at the base of Bernia Mountain. It was cold and a little breezy. At the bottom of the mountain, there was a fountain where fresh mountain water constantly poured into a basin for drinking. It was really clean and cold and I feel like there was something pretty cool about drinking fresh mountain water right from the source.

The hike was easy at the beginning, just long. Eventually, it became harder as we began to ascend. Before we were halfway up, I was wheezing, but the views were incredible! I could see the entire valley, and at the top, the Med. When we reached the top, there was a cave to crawl through. So we all had to squat and midget walk to get through or crawl on our hands and knees. If you were claustrophobic, you would NOT have cared for this part of the hike. Coming to the other side of the tunnel was amazing. I got some awesome photos. We took a short break and continued on our way. I noticed along this part of the hike that the Spanish terrain reminds me a lot of Nevada. I don't know if I captured that in any of my pictures, but another fellow Reno student and I both noticed.

After an hour or so, we came upon some ruins of an old fort. I think they were called bastios(?) but I'm not sure. By this time, the weather was warm and sunny, despite the fact that it was early February. The hike was peaceful and most of the time, everyone was quiet and enjoying the scenery. At the end of the day, we'd hiked 7.5 miles! On the way home, I fell asleep again watching the dubbed version of Taking Pelham 123.

I'm really glad I took this trip. It was beautiful and a chance to see more of the landscape. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Additional photos below
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Something about this reminds me of Nevada
Going up..Going up..
Going up..

Fun to climb
View from the topView from the top
View from the top

See the Med?

look down!

Looks fun, right?
Going through the tunnelGoing through the tunnel
Going through the tunnel

We all had to midget walk to get through
At lastAt last
At last

The light on the other end of the tunnel!

I thought this view was breathtaking.
I love this photoI love this photo
I love this photo

It looks like a fake background

I thought they were pretty
One last look...One last look...
One last look...

at the Med before continuing on

Out in the middle of nowhere.
Lonely treeLonely tree
Lonely tree

on the way back to the bus. My parents and sis would get this...

12th March 2010

Fantastic photos! But who moved our Tahoe tree to Spain. Chelsea? You shouldn't haven't done that! LOL. Amazing pictures. Great views! Glad you took photos of the cave. Interesting! really glad you took the hike. New experience and all. Love Mom
18th March 2010

overdue but worth it
So glad to see you're sharing again. We miss reading your stories you sharing pics. great shots. It gives us a sense of being with you. Keep it up!

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