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July 23rd 2016
Published: July 23rd 2016
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Arrival Spain.Arrival Spain.Arrival Spain.

Di and Lilly happy to arrive to Sunshine and Beaches.
Sunshine, swimming pool, warm but refreshing sea. lots of sand, heaps to do, and yes, there is a lot of shopping opportunities from Malls, Markets and street shops. So every one is happy and the kids have an opportunity to show of their swimming skills. We have ventured out most days for a look around, along with visiting different beaches and attractions. A lot of these we visit every year we come to Alicante. Not far away is Eiche, a very old town which has a long history from long before the Romans, old sites to visit, and some great shopping. Also some neat fountains and water displays which are enjoyed by the girls. There are lots of fun parks with rides and games for the entertainment of kids. {Oh, and parents of course}. Never a dull moment.

We always visit the Rio Safari Game Park, which we first visited about 8 years ago. Every year we see improvements to this park and now we think that it is diffinently worth the visit. This is were last year Diane meet with the giraffe that knocked her down,{this story published July 19th 2015} so needless to say, Di didn't go to
First Things First.First Things First.First Things First.

Lets eat. Hege and I wait for dinner on the roof top terrace.
close this time. Hege and Lilly swam with the Sea Lions again and that is always a good show. It is very hot while walking around this park so lots of water is essential.

An hours drive from where we stay is a place called El Castell de Guadalest, up in the hills and mountains inland from Benidorm. An interesting drive in and heaps of history here coupled with spectacular and dramatic scenery. A good walk takes you up to the old villa's and views of the volcanic area with some lakes. Also takes you up to the Castle of San Jose.

We only have a couple more days to go until we head for Uk and leave the kids after spending so long with them. Fortunately it is not going to be a year before we see them this time as Chris will be out in late September to join me for a weeks fishing in Turangi, and then Amy, Jeremy, Holly and Ella will be traveling with Di and I to Bergen for Christmas. Great excitement for the 4 cousins and perhaps there may be a little snow involved. Pip/Rod

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Just loving the pool.

Just loving the sea and beach.
Just Leaning On the Lamp.Just Leaning On the Lamp.
Just Leaning On the Lamp.

Boy, is it hot in Elche. I have to rest a lot.
Digging In Elche.Digging In Elche.
Digging In Elche.

This is near the town centre.
Cool Off Time.Cool Off Time.
Cool Off Time.

Lilly enjoys revisiting the fountains which are always fun.
No Thanks. Not For Me.No Thanks. Not For Me.
No Thanks. Not For Me.

But Hege and Stella don't mind having a cuddle with a snake.
How To Put On Weight.How To Put On Weight.
How To Put On Weight.

But you do have to keep the liquid intake up.
How To Put on Weight, mark 2How To Put on Weight, mark 2
How To Put on Weight, mark 2

Spare ribs!!! Oh Wow!!! Magic.
Flying High.Flying High.
Flying High.

Lilly does a somersault on the trampoline.
Hilarious to Watch.Hilarious to Watch.
Hilarious to Watch.

The kids get into a big bubble and then try to run and jump while rolling around on the water. If you get a chance to watch, do so. It is fun. This is Lilly.
The Ancient Town Of El Castell de Guadlest. The Ancient Town Of El Castell de Guadlest.
The Ancient Town Of El Castell de Guadlest.

After driving up you see this and it looks great.

Much easier with an ice-cream
And Lots Of Water.And Lots Of Water.
And Lots Of Water.

Stella takes a break to have a drink.
Fantastic Views.Fantastic Views.
Fantastic Views.

The climb up is worth it.
Dramatic Landscape.Dramatic Landscape.
Dramatic Landscape.

A very interesting place and you wonder how they managed to build here.
Dinner Time.Dinner Time.
Dinner Time.

Hege and I wait for a drink and a meal.
Dinner Time.Dinner Time.
Dinner Time.

Chris and Di also wait for a drink and a meal.
A Young Couple.A Young Couple.
A Young Couple.

Hege and Chris just hanging around enjoying the entertainment.

The doorway to the Bell Tower.
Lilly and Hege.Lilly and Hege.
Lilly and Hege.

Enjoying{I think} having a snake around their neck.
Rest Time.Rest Time.
Rest Time.

Di and I have a rest up to the Castle.

24th July 2016
How To Put on Weight, mark 2

The joys of Spain
That looks wonderful.

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