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July 29th 2016
Published: July 31st 2016
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Walking and Scootering.Walking and Scootering.Walking and Scootering.

Chris, Hege and the girls not the waterfront in Alicante.
We will leave the heat and sun of Spain and head off to England where we will stay with Pete and Helen near Bath and enjoy the country side which I love walking in, and the country pubs which I love having a refreshing ale in.

So the last few days here we went into Alicante for a stroll/ shop, spent time at the pool and at various beaches. I love walking along the water front at night time, it is so vibrant with people walking, skating and running or just sitting in groups talking. Quite often I walk late, 10 to11 at night, returning just before midnight. Sometimes kids on scooters or skates whiz past you and this appears to be family time for lots of people. The evenings are warm still so it's a great way of life. I do love the relaxing time we have here and the opportunity to swim every day and enjoy the walking. Then, it all comes to the time when we have to leave and the realisation that we won't see the family for a while. Always a bit sad but we are lucky to have this time together every year. So,
MY Happy Face.MY Happy Face.MY Happy Face.

These features are all along one street and some have happy faces and some these sad faces.
until Christmas when we arrive with Amy, Jeremy, Holly and Ella to spend time all together. The girls are very excited and we adults can't wait to see them all together again.

So off to England and Hadriens wall, hoping that my knee will prove to be fine for the walk. Pip/Rod.

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Waiting On Refreshments.Waiting On Refreshments.
Waiting On Refreshments.

Plenty of little bars and cafe's to relax at.

A little Italian Restaurant, Peccati de Gola, that we quite often go to serves up some great dishes.
Alicante Marina.Alicante Marina.
Alicante Marina.

I love walking around marina's looking at boats and soaking up the atmosphere
At The Beach.At The Beach.
At The Beach.

A typical day at the Santa Pola beach. Umbrellas for miles.
Stella and Me.Stella and Me.
Stella and Me.

waiting for the right wave. Yep, here comes one.
Play Ball.Play Ball.
Play Ball.

Fun on the beach.
Lets Surf.Lets Surf.
Lets Surf.

The last couple of years Chris has been teach ing Lilly to surf. She's doing fine.
Stella and Caroline.Stella and Caroline.
Stella and Caroline.

Were ever Stella goes, Caroline goes as well.
Father and Son.Father and Son.
Father and Son.

Sharing the last night together before Di and I head off the next day.
Always Hard.Always Hard.
Always Hard.

Saying good-bye at the airport is hard but we will all be together for Christmas.
Peccati de Gola.Peccati de Gola.
Peccati de Gola.

Love sitting outside having a meal and watching the people go by.

2nd August 2016
MY Happy Face.

Happy Face
A 'perfect' happy face - you've got three weeks to get the smile turning up the other way! Good luck with Hadrian's wall and hope the knee behaves itself. Off to the super rugby final on Saturday so very excited about that. Let's hope the Hurricanes can do it this year for a change. Enjoy your time in England and we'll look forward to seeing you soon!
6th August 2016
MY Happy Face.

Hurricanes great. I try to smile most of the time. Knee ok Competed about 50ks.

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