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Published: June 4th 2010
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First week of school

So far I have been loving my classes!! It was a bit hard to get back into the school mode after being off for only a month but its not so bad. The University of Alicante is absolutely gorgeous. It is fairly large...around 30,000 students. Quite a bit larger than my little Tech. It was hard to find my way at first but I got it down now. It is so green with beautiful trees and flowers and little fountains all over the place. It used to be a military base until 30 years ago when they stopped using it. All the buildings are very short and painted white. It gets pretty hot just baking in the sun during my walks between classes but i love it.

I am taking three classes which adds up to six credits. My spanish composition 1 class is a little above intermediate but not quite advanced. This is my intensive language class and it meets mon-fri 9:15-11. We do a lot of different things like readings, vocabulary exercises, and we have to write a number of short papers. I also have an oral skills class for an hour every

The building that houses the USAC office
day which is a complement to this. We work on our grammar and conversation skills. I am also taking a contemporary art class in which we learn about spanish artist from the 20th century. This only meets tues and thurs.

All in all my workload hasn't been too bad. The teachers are all so friendly and helpful. They speak slow and clear and really want us to get the best out of our classes. My classes only contain other american students in the program which is anywhere from 5-8. I already feel like my spanish is improving. I am very impressed with the USAC program and how the classes have been going so far. I feel that I have discovered a good way to balance school with still having fun. I still have been to the beach everyday this week!

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so pretty!

a giant hand with a pencil near the entrance of campus

4th June 2010

We Miss You
Sammi, We are just loving your blog. The pictures are great, and the captions are cute! Keep it coming! We love you! Dad
4th June 2010

What a beautiful campus Sam.Sounds as if you are fitting in very well. All fine here. I may have told you but Mike has another 3 weeks before he is able to walk. That means that J J will not be able to go to the beach. But he is planning on goint to Jim and pam's in July. Always good to hear from you. Stay well and safe. I love you Nana
4th June 2010

HEY! BEach everyday what?!? You better not be tanner than me when you come back ;)
5th June 2010

You go girl!
Hi Samantha, How exciting! Time will go fast for you, so it will be a challenge to keep up your posts. But I will look forward to reading them. BTW, did you know that my brother's daughter, Jasmine, is also spending about 2 months this summer down in Mexico to strengthen her Spanish. Her program is for credit, but it is living and working with some community outreach program in Oaxaca, Mexico. You girls are so lucky to have these opportunities! Bruce
6th June 2010

Loving it!
Hello Sam! I am enjoying reading your blogs Sam. You are a great little writer and it is so interesting. You have seen so much in such a short period of time. Megan has a few friends over and Uncle Randy and I are in here watching Diners, Dives, and Drive through. I will send more later, my eyes are getting heavy and hard to keep them open. Looking forward to more of your adventure stories. Love you, Patty
6th June 2010

Thanks Bruce!! That is really cool about Jasmine. I'm sure she's having a great time. I'll try to post as much as I can.
6th June 2010

Thanks Aunt Patty! Great to here from you. love you guys!

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