First Few Days in Alicante

Published: June 2nd 2010
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My little bed

My Home

Hello all. So we arrived in Alicante this past Sunday after taking a bus from Madrid. It took about four hours and when we got here we were met by our host families. Students in the program have the option of staying with a host family or in an apartment. I am living in a house with another girl in the USAC program, Lisa. She is so cute and we get along really well. We were really nervous to meet our mom but she gretted us with kisses on the cheek. She doesn't speak any english so everything she says to us is in Spanish. She speaks slowly and clearly and it is pretty easy for me to understand her. She is 57 years old, has big curly hair and seems very artsy/eccentric.

We were so excited to see our home and it is on the seventh floor of a tall building. Most buildings in Alicante are fairly tall. It is tiny but so so cute. Lisa and I get our own rooms with a bathroom to share. We have desks and wardrobes and other cute furniture. Our mom's name is Maria Jose and she paints of

My desk
lot and some of them are hung up. She likes to cook a lot and cooks very well. Things are very different here than in the U.S. In the terms of their schedule. Lunch is around 2-2:30 and is the biggest meal of the day. Dinner is around 9:30 and is very small. It is customary to take a siesta (nap) in the afternoon and stay up later during the night. Most stores are closed from 2-5 and all stores are closed on Sundays. This lifestyle is very different but interesting to me.

Maria was born in Madrid and has lived in Alicante for quite some time. She has three kids and one granddaughter who live around Spain. She and her husband are not divorced but don't live together. This was a strange situation for me to hear. She used to work in marketing but for some reason ( i couldn't understand) she no longer works.

Maria Jose's mother lives here as well and she is the cutest grandma i've ever seen. She is 88 and Maria takes care of her. She is a little bit harder to understand but they both try to help us practice our

Door to my room and my armoir
spanish. They are both very friendly and we have pretty good conversations during our meals. We have been eating a lot of different things. Maria likes to cook a big variety of dishes but we always have bread with our meals and fruit afterwards. It is easy for Lisa to come and go when we need to as we both have our own keys and our madre is very trusting. I am not quite used to sleeping in a city that is noisy at night but I will get used to it. They have a bunch of Spanish DVDs and i may get a chance to watch some of them. I am very happy how everything turned out.

Hasta Luego!!

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bed and little night stand. We also have tack boards to put pictures up on

My keys. One of them is purple!

The kitchen table where we eat

The cute little kitchen

La nivera. Its blue!!

Our bathroom

Entrance of our home

View from the dining room

un pajaro

Maria Jose's artwork

2nd June 2010

Hi sam, What a neat place you live.Looks very nice. I had Mike to the Dr. today and he has another 3 weeks before he can walk on his leg. ) Rainy day today. Take care I love you ps Wendy and her children are home for the week. I think that she is coming over tonight.
6th June 2010

I'm transported!
Sam, I'm a little behind in reading your blog but wanted you to know there is not a day that goes by I don't think about you. Enjoying your text and great pictures---I'm transported! Love you!

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