II. Amigos de Vacanzia! (Beach time)

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April 9th 2010
Published: April 24th 2010
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Friday, April 9

We slept in and then the young people went out to the beach after breakfast. We lazed around in our bathing suits, taking in the sun, and then decided to have some sangria at a cafe nearby.

This is when the phrase "Amigos de Vacanzia!" was coined. Never mind that the word for "vacation" in Spanish is "vacationes", Julien started saying "Amigos de Vacazia!" to refer to us, and so it stuck! And for the rest of our time together, this was the phrase that we would often be shouting to refer to each other, but also in random proclamations of sangria-induced joviality.

And so, as Amigos de Vacanzia! we sunbathed some more and then decided to borrow the bikes that the adults (read: old people) had rented to go to the commercial center. There were three bikes, so Cyntia took one, and then I got on the back of one with Julien pedaling, and Rejane got on the back of one with Jonathon pedaling. Sweet set up!

And so we started making our way down the road, letting the gentlemen do the work. Only problem was, we didn't know where we

Cyntia on her bike
were going. So we rode a little bit, stopped, and asked for directions. This one lady told us that everything would be closed, and that it was too far away for bikes anyways. So dejected (not really) we returned to the beach and went to the same cafe.

"Dos sangrias para des Amigos de Vacanzia!"

And thus the tone was set for the next night.

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