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Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia June 22nd 2019

Bonjour à tous, Petite journée. Ce soir je suis en pleine campagne à une vingtaine de km de Murcia, au milieu des citronniers, orangers, oliviers, un hôtel super, mais il ne faut pas avoir envie se sortir le soir. Hier à Dénia, j'étais carrément sur la plage, mais comme disent les québécois, l'hôtel manquait d'amour, propre, mais la bâtisse un peu négligé, par contre, pour un de resto de plage la paella copieusement garnie, délicieuse pour un prix dérisoire de 11e. Plus je descent dans le sud, plus le petit déjeuner est servi tard, ce matin 9h, demain idem, ce qui me fait décoller tard. J'ai Murcia de programmé sur le gps, toujours sans péage. Pour sortir de Dénia et reprendre la nationale, vers Altéa, soit 20km j'ai du mettre 45 mn, dans cette configuration, la ... read more
Plazza del Cardenal Belluga
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Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia January 9th 2019

Finally got fed up of writing out the day-numbers longhand - not really sure why I started that! Anyway, little to say about today, as it's been a relaxing one pottering around on the campsite. Weather has continued to be lovely though - both breakfast AND lunch sitting outside the van in the sunshine. Tried out the on-site restaurant for dinner - set menu for 10€ each including a glass of wine! Plate of salad to share throughout the meal, plus bread rolls. We both had a cheese omelette as starter, then Tony had steak and Liz fresh tuna. Both settled for coffee rather than desserts. Leaving tomorrow towards Cartagena, but we may well visit here again.... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia January 8th 2019

On the road again! After the problems we'd had finding a pitch last week, we e-mailed ahead to a couple of ACSI Campsites last night, and booked a couple of nights on Camping La Fuerta, near Fortuna, north of Murcia. Arrived about 16.00. It's busy, because the weather is still lovely, and I suspect hey only had room for us because it's well inland. The bar, restaurant and pool are all fully open, and all the facilities look good. The photo is looking over the site, from the (elevated) bar/pool/restaurant area. 1471km now, so 138 today.... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia August 18th 2016

18 août 2016 : Visite de la ville de Murcia à 170 kms au sud de chez nous. Ville à visiter notamment la cathédrale "Santa Maria" et le casino;... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia September 20th 2013

The seventh largest city in Spain, Murcia was founded in 825 CE and is about 35 kms away from Hacienda Riquelme where I'm staying with Charlotte. We spent most of Friday in Murcia. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the low 30s so we enjoyed exploring some of the old city. After parking the car we decided just to walk around and see where we ended up. First building we came to was the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary. Originally a Moorish Mosque created in 1394 it was changed and added to in the Baroque period of Spain and is now regarded as the most important monument in Murcia. Naturally we went in; the opulence reminded me of St Peter's Basilica in Rome. There was a magnificent, and huge, organ in there; very impressive. ... read more
Murcia Cathedral
Inside Murcia Cathedral
The foyer in the Murcia Casino

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia September 23rd 2012

Daynie visits Grandaddy d in Campo Verde, aged 5 1/2 months with Mummy and Daddy. 1st trip abroad.... read more
Chillen in Grandaddy d's pooley pooley!
Have a BBQ at Grandaddy d's for mummy's 32nd birthday.
Practicing my front crawl in Grandaddy d's pooley pooley!

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia May 22nd 2012

We can’t help but smile as we always do as we pull up outside Laguna Golf apartments. I don’t think I will ever tire of that view or the feeling we get as we walk through the entrance into the apartment. We get changed quickly, not wanting to waste precious drinking time, and head out to a restaurant for a few celebratory (or commiseratory?) drinks. After a gorgeous meal and some more red wine (this must be what happens when you turn 31), we head up to Las Mimosas for an after dinner aperitif, then back to the flat to enjoy the remainder of our grey goose vodka which we remember we have left in the cabinet. The rest of the week seems to go by as quickly as it arrived. Once again we are blessed ... read more
The Faith's Charlie

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia August 29th 2011

Finally! Friday crept around and Clay, Hannah, Kristin, Kim, Meg and myself headed off to Alicante in southern Spain as a belated extension to Clay’s 30th birthday celebrations for some much needed vitamin D. We flew in on the Friday evening and picked up the hire car. I nominated myself to drive though I had never driven on the right or in a left side drive car before. It wasn’t as difficult as I imagined though there were certain things I went to do automatically which I had never thought about, like going to change gears and I kept slamming my hand into the door until I learnt that the gear stick was now on the right. We found our villa and went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The first thing we ordered – ... read more
Torrevieja #2
First dinner
Kristin.... singing?

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia October 23rd 2010

Freitag, 22.10. 2010 Unseren letzten Tag mit dem Mietmobil nutzten wir um uns einen Elektrogrill zu kaufen und Murcia einen Besuch abzustatten. Der Gasgrill, den wir vor unserer Abreise gekauft hatten funktionierte nicht richtig. Es wurde keine Grilltemperatur erreicht. Das Grillgut wurde lediglich gedünstet. Zuletzt gab er ganz den Geist auf. Aber nun zu Murcia. Murcia ist die Hauptstadt der autonomen Region Murcia. Die Stadt hat rund 440'000 Einwohner und soll eine der trockensten Städte in Europa sein. Sie liegt im Tal des Rio Segura, in einer Halbwüste. Murcia ist in knapp 45 Minuten von unserem Campingplatz aus zu erreichen. Nach der erfolgreichen Suche nach einem Parkhaus, machten wir uns erst einmal schlau, wo in der Stadt wir uns überhaupt befanden. Wir studierten beim Ausgang des Parkhauses den Stadtplan. Doch so richtig wurden wir nicht schlau, ... read more
Portier am Eingang
Der Hauptaltar
Das Casino

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia August 7th 2010

Señoras y señores, bienvenido a bordo del tren Altaria con destino Albacete-Murcia-Cartagena That's the first thing I always hear after boarding from Atocha train station is Madrid. When we decided to go to Murcia, Renfe turned out to be the best option as the confort is an important criteria. Though the train tickets are a bit expensive especially when compare to bus tickets, I rather spend the 4 hours ride from Madrid to Murcia watching comedy movies on tv, having enough space to strech my legs & even sleep in the comfortable big seat. To get an idea, while the bus ticket is around 20 euro (6 hours ride), the train ticket costs 45. We found out it's better to buy roundtrip, as we will benefit of a discount (50% of the return ticket, except the ... read more
Turtle traffic jam
Traveling light
View from the train

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