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2nd June 2010

Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures!
I really enjoyed reading your travel blog! You definitely have a way with words that brings your reader right along on the trip with you! Keep traveling and keep sharing!
13th May 2010

I really enjoyed your France post. It made me want to go there. My blog is looking for travel photos. If you have the time, email us some at or check us out at We are also giving a way a free night at a hostel. Check it out!! Continued fun on your travels, Eric
2nd May 2010

Just one word...
21st March 2010

OMG what a great adventure you are having! I am so proud of you. keep blogging we want to live through you vicareously.
From Blog: Brussels
28th February 2010

cou cou cherie! ca me rend tres contente de l'entendre :) j'aime bien d'ecrire beaucoup et quelquefois je me demande si c'est trop d'etre interessant aux autres, pense de toi et notre prochaine rendevous a Paris en mai! bisous!
From Blog: Brussels
24th February 2010

Chère Ashley, Même si je ne laisse pas beaucoup de commentaires, je viens souvent sur ton blog pour voir si tu as ajouté un article! Ton blog est vraiment excellent! Je suis contente de voir que tout se passe bien pour toi. Tu as raison d'en profiter un maximum, le temps passe si vite!
From Blog: Brussels
22nd February 2010

told you about those damn french!
15th February 2010

Natural Home
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. Susan
31st January 2010

great story! love it
25th January 2010

thank the stars!
haha ashley, some of your typos at the beginning were cracking me up because I was thinking they were from the French to English switch -- "As they debated for who knows how long about whether the temperature of the church should be set as 11 degrees (celsious) or 13 degrees, some truly excellent food took place." haha! took place! haha anyway, some of this pictures are truly breathtaking! love seeing them. xo
21st January 2010

Glad you are settling in and getting into the class routine! I'm sure you are doing great! Can't wait to come visit and check it out for myself :-)
20th January 2010

thank the stars!
every time i make a comment, my computer auto-enters "thank the stars!" in the comment title space. i'm just going to leave it this time. but what i really wanted to say to this was AHHHHHHH!! HAHAH! this is great! that's to the bit about the rose guy. did you get his number? i read my dad your description of french teaching on skype (speaking of you need to get on it, we're only an hour apart!) and we both laughed -- it sounds RIDICULOUS. oh well. better that the classes suck so you don't have to take them seriously!
15th January 2010

yes, I had to live up to my name :)
15th January 2010

omelette d' fromage!
omelette d' fromage!!!! you did have an omelet!
14th January 2010

west african men trying to win you over -- that's what i'm headed for! can't wait for pictures.
14th January 2010

Philosophical Insight!
I just wanted to say Kudos to your last two lines. I can almost hear you saying them in your ever-so-ashley whimsical fashion. I'm glad your settling in. Remember that you are an impressive and fantastic woman no matter what.
From Blog: Snowball
14th January 2010

op, too bad, you'll have to drink that bottle of wine yourself! imagine me a sip, please! lol "back in the sack," little bits of french appear in english!
13th January 2010

ashley, what a hoppin social life you already have! yea! right on! i love imagining the excitement you expressed when you heard those americans in the hallway. btw, hahaha "in the hall I heard American." hahaha. love that 2-euro store! so kickass. and you go to the market! what a life. i want to visit!!! alas...
From Blog: Snowball
12th January 2010

yeah! why didn't you come and meet me there? haha, hot toddy time! just like in the days of Main 2nd....nostalgic sigh***
12th January 2010

xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox whew! not a ghost town! hahaha at least besancon is small all the running around you have to do is not that far, right? hahaha. love you ashley!!!!!! miss you!!!!! xoxox
From Blog: Silver lining
12th January 2010

AH! reading this makes me so excited!!! i love your description of the spiral stair case and stained glass windows in st. genevieve. and i love that you inadvertently ordered a HOT TODDY!! YES!! oh ashley, picturing you sitting in your cafe, curled up next to the radiator, reading makes me want to come sit there with you and sip a hot toddy of my own! mmmmmmm mm. i'm so excited you're going to besancon tomorrow-- oh no you must be there already! i'm late! anyway, so excited, can't wait to hear all about christine!! xoxoxoxoxox
12th January 2010

oooh ashley i love the painting in picture SDC11742 (hah). and your eiffel tower picture after dark, and the sacre coeur pictures! the lighting is gorgeous!
12th January 2010

oh i like that sand box candle thing. bummer sacré coeur was closed -- i remember it being one of my favorite parts of my trip -- but that was a lot because of the surrounding area as well, and its external beauty. i remember really liking Musée D'orsay, but i don't remember it! did you take pictures there?
12th January 2010

thank the stars!
wow how lovely to meet Catherine! this all sounds so lovely, ashley!! you're so free and independent! hahaha xoxo. ooh, let me get on skype...

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