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September 15th 2010
Published: September 15th 2010
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So, all my notes from the 13th September disappeared from my iphone today - totally bummed. And I can´t be bothered writing them out again. So, the plan now is to do a quick summary of the last three days.

From Rio del Torres we headed to Logrono. Up early, it was a five hour walk, so not too arduous. Yesterday, from Logrono to Najera - nearly 30kms, and today to Santo Domingo - about 21kms.

Everyone is starting to look and feel very worse for wear now. I had no idea this trip was going to be quite this hardcore physically!!! Marcos had to head back to Logrono when his back started playing up - hopefully he´ll meet us later on. And we left Robert in Najero today - he had to stay and rest a day as his feet and legs were playing up. I was in tears last night when I heard we were leaving Robert behind - he has been with me and Armando from the start and is such a lovely warm gentleman! It is going to be heartbreaking when the trip is over and I have to leave all my traveling companions behind.

Anyway, my overwhelming image at the moment is of suffering. I know it sounds a little dramatic, but we are all suffering in one way or another - blisters, stiff muscles, shin splints, losing travelling companions.... it´s pretty tough. I think it´s hard now as we thought we would be used to all the walking by now, but I think our bodies are a little exhausted and are still trying to get used to it all. I must admit that by the end of today, I actually felt pretty great!!! I may be getting my body sorted. Yeh...finally!

The Albergue at Logrono was great, the people were lovely and they had a fountain out the front that we could cool our feet in. Wonderful! The hostel last night was not so wonderful, too hot, with 92 people in our room, very difficult to sleep. Tonights place is great - it´s quite new, plenty of showers and not too many people per room. Once again, wonderful.

Each day is walking, walking, walking....blissful showers, washing clothes, and eating. So I promise I wont repeat these bits again. I´ll just note anything new.

Oh, the other thing that has been really great is the shared dinners. There is nothing like a shared meal with friends, and being able to do this every night is really wonderful.


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