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Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada September 27th 2018

Staying in a ghost town tonight. Cireña is a modern development with many condominiums and houses, nestled around a top class 18 hole golf course. But most of the town is overgrown, unloved, and uninhabited. Big money poured in and seems to have created a lemon. Dinner is being set up around me and the owner has given me the far corner of the table to tap this out. This morning was fresh, and the South American woman below me rose at 5.30 in order to get ready, eat some breakfast and venture into the cool, dark morning to start her walk. I was awake so I followed her lead. I ate some fruit and nuts, had 2 coffees, and I was energised. My walking buddy wasn’t at the meeting point, I gave her 5 minutes ... read more
My Hot Soup Last Night
Early Departure From Navarette
At Nájera

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada September 8th 2017

We left the albergue at 6:30, heading to Azofra for our breakfast stop. The trail was fairly flat once got out of town, plus it was fairly dark most of the 5 kilometers or so. We stopped at the Bar El Descanso de Peregrinos for our usual breakfast. Just outside of town we passed a pilgrim's monument then walked another 7 kilometers, passing a golf course a bunch of apartments and duplexes that looked pretty empty, with a lot of for sale signs. Just passed the golf course we finally found a bar for our next break, called Bar Jacobeo. The last 7 kilometers or so was pretty long, with some steep ups and downs. Finally spotting Santo Domingo de Calzadas, our destination for today, put a little zip in our stride, but only a little. ... read more
Our first sheep crossing
Entering Cireuna
Bar Jacobeo in Cireuna

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada September 28th 2016

Today I walked the 21 kms to Santo Dom. in sandals to take the pressure from my feet. It seems to have worked; well, they're no worse ! We walked 7kms to Azofra before stopping for breakfast , tortilla and coffee, and rested for a while before starting again. I am now changing socks 3 times a day to keep my feet dry. We constantly passed through vineyards and tomorrow leave the La Rioja province and enter the Burgos region. Our second break was at Cirueña , a town with expensive housing estates and a first class golf course, with very few residents. I didn't see any; just 'For Sale' signs. This is a prime example of the declining Spanish economy and nothing has changed since 2 years ago. We had a snack at Bar Jacobi ... read more
Entering Azofra
The Way
The Constant View

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada September 4th 2015

4 September 2015, Friday, Stage 11 Santo Domingo to Belorado GPS: 14.78 miles. 7.5 hours from Parador to Casa Waslala. Lost moving time. Fitbit: 14.13 miles, 32,246 steps, 98 stairs. After a lovely breakfast in the Santo Domingo Parador we set off. We cross over Santo Domingo's sixteen arch bridge, barely recognizable due to many modifications. At Cruz de Los Valientes, a steel cross marks the spot where a deciding fight was held between two chosen fighters, one from Granon and one from Santo Domingo. Even though Santo Domingo had an experienced fighter and he was slathered wth olive oil, the common laborer from Granon was the winner--in Medieval times, it was sometimes the custom to submit such matters to the Divine Judge on the basis He would protect the innocent party! Granon is noted for ... read more
The iron cross commemorating the contest between farmers
Milestone marker 555 kilometers to Santiago
Sunflower field

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada September 3rd 2015

3 September 2015, Thursday, Stage 10. GPS: 15.1 miles 6 hours moving, total time 8 hours leave at 0727 arrive 1515 Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Fitbit stats: Stairs 103 Steps 33,426 Miles 14.60 We returned from our pilgrims dinner last night about 2130. We are in the room 5 minutes when the rain starts. The noisy kids now go inside so it is quieter until the man with the dirty, beat up Mercedes, without a muffler, pulls into the private alley where our Hostal Cuidad de Najera is located. We pack, planning a 0600 breakfast and to be on the Camino by 0700. ( we were within 30 minutes). On and off it rains. About 0500 Karen awakes to the sound of the deluge. Najerillo, the river, is only 2 blocks away and ... read more
Milepost: 580 kilometers to Santiago
A house with two coats of arms
The Scallop Shell

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada June 15th 2015

Enjoyed a quiet night and a good sleep. Up at 7:30. Mike needed to do some bike maintence. Our bikes were trashed from the mud and rain. The weather was overcast. Today's ride wasn't too challenging except for a strong head wind. Stopped in Granon for breakfast. The tortilla and zumo de naranja is excellent fuel for me. Most the towns were pretty quiet on a Sunday. Decided to stop in Villafranca de Monks Oca for the night after riding 25 miles. My muscles are starting to get a little fatigued. Found a nice little pension and scored a double bed. Most of the rooms have been two twin beds pushed together. Beautiful garden view and dinner is served at 7pm down stairs. The best part was a bathtub to soak in. Glad we stopped early ... read more
Sheep crossing
Most of the trail today

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada October 3rd 2014

Today was a reasonably easy walk so we left the village at about 7.50. The first kilometre was a steep climb out of town, past the church, through the square and out into open country planted out with grapevines. It was a warm day with no cover so it wasn't long before hats and sunblock were the order of the day. Sue's feet were a little better but were tested later on the hills leading to our destination. Downhill is always the hardest, on both feet and knees. As we clocked up the kilometres it was evident that the vines were slowly being replaced by the remnants of wheat crops; we were leaving the La Rioja wine district. Our first stop was at the small ancient village of Azofra. There we saw Jurgen who we hadn't ... read more
The parade out of the village
Grape harvest
Heading into Azofra

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada June 27th 2013

A short day today just 16km but we have stepped over the 250km mark so almost 1/3 of the total distance behind us. Easy walking today but somehow it does not matter how far you go by the end your feet are tingling. We happened to leave Azofra just as the pilgrims from Najera were passing through so the way was busy but still you had your own space. It looks amazing ahead with forty or fifty people spread out over two or three Km 's on the crushed limestone paths. I hope one of the photos posted shows this. If not when we get home and you inevitably sit through the marathon slideshow you will see it then. Met a nutter today - an Austrian who left Logrono at 2am this morning and is stopping ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Santo Domingo de la Calzada June 23rd 2012

You ain´t no punk you punk You wanna talk about the real junk! (Garbageman - The Cramps) I wonder if this is the first time that The Cramps have been used to make a metaphysical point? Well if it has it was probably with Can your Pussy do the Dog? anyway... SOOOOOOO, enough of that... there reasons for using The Cramps quote are twofold. In conversation with a keen psychobilly fan (reason one for the reference), the view was expressed that the camino was a good means of clearing psychic debris from your life. It´s the equivalent of a bin night for your brain - a spring clean of the psyche... To give you an example from today. I was looking forward to making a detour off the camino today and visiting the monastery at Cañas, ... read more

By the way, I meant to write at the beginning of this blog that we aren´t looking for sponsorship for the Camino. However, 2 of Philippa´s class mates from Ecclesbourne - Matt Tingle and Chris Gascoyne - have just completed a sponsored Tandem ride from London to Paris to raise money for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) one of Phil´s charities. So if you do feel like contributing to this vital cause, i´m enclosing the link. It is Monday April 30th - Logroño to Ventosa A wonderful dinner with American Debra in an Italian restaurant in Logroño on Sunday night meant that our start for Ventosa on Monday morning was a little sluggish! We promptly decided to have a 48 hour break from the alcohol. Leaving with the dawn, the walk along Logroño´s quiet streets ... read more

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