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Sarah OFlaherty

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid October 19th 2010

My flight from Santiago to Madrid was delayed by nearly two hours in the end. Why do flights always get delayed when they're already a late flight and you're tired? So instead of flying out at ten, I ended up leaving around twelve. I did get a little bit of a nap in at the airport, I'm a pretty relaxed traveller these days, I seem to be able to sleep anywhere. What I was a little concerned about was that Pete was staying up to wait for me in Madrid.  I arrived at Madrid and got directions to the metro. At the metro ticket booth the guy was really really helpful, he got my ticket for me and marked on a map where I needed to go. And then when I needed to change trains this ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 16th 2010

We had decided to catch the early bus to Santiago to ensure that Mirkosch could do the things he needed to before he left for home. It was a good decision, even though it meant quite an early start. We had to be on the bus for 6.45am. All good though, half slept all the way, and the trip ended up only being about two hours max. We had already booked the albergue, the same one I had stayed at before, so we walked there and checked in. We had breakfast there and then went off to do our respective things. i had to buy a charger for my phone and then ended up at Zara, shopping. I was sick of wearing the same old clothes for over a month and so decided to buy an ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre October 10th 2010

Saturday 9th October It was nice to get up and get ready to start walking again! I was up at 7, had breakfast at the albergue, and by 8.30 me and Amanda were ready to head off. Amanda is an english chick I had met a few different times along way, she had stayed at the same albergue as me last night, and we had decided to head out to Finesterra together. We were prepared for rain, and also possibly some thunderstorms, as that was the weather prediction for the day. We put on all our rain gear and had our packs ready for a rainy day, but it was overcast when we departed with no rain to start. We were very pleased. We set off towards the cathedral as that was to be the start ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 8th 2010

Well, yesterday ended perfectly. I was just about to have a nap when I got a text from Lydia. We met outside the pilgrams office and who else was there but will. We were chatting and had agreed to meet at 6pm for a drink when Armando showed up with the two german ladies. Then Marcos arrived. It was a wonderful reunion!!! Lydia and will wandered off and I stayed chatting with Marcos until nearly six. I agreed to meet him and the others at nine. Had some food and drinks with Lydia and will. Such a good catch up. We finished around 8. So me and Lydia went shopping to fill tome before 9. Then we had a bit of s mission to find the restaurant they were meeting at. Anyway, finally found them. And ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 7th 2010

Thursday 7th October Well here I am...finally in Santiago!!! Amazing!!! I can´t believe I have walked over 800kms with my 10kg backpack and staying in albergues all the way! What a great feeling!! I was up bright and early this morning. Some people in our room decided they would get up at 6am and were sooo noisy. So that was it for me... I had no choice but to get up too. But to be honest, it was probably a good thing, as it meant I ended up in Santiago in time to get my bed sorted and go to the pilgrams mass. I woke up Juan Manual,, and once we were ready we had breakfast and hit the road. The noisy people from the morning ended up being on the road with us. Which, at ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 6th 2010

Monday 4th October Left with detreich this morning. It was raining, but not too horrible. We stopped and had breakfast. While we were eating we saw the weather forecast - it looked like we were in for gale force winds - oh I hope not!! Anyway, kicked off in the dark. But it got light pretty quickly. Wet most of the way, but the winds didn't kick in. It was a lovely walk - really beautiful countryside. A little bit of an adventure today, as quite a few really big trees had blown over in the winds the night before. And some of them were totally blocking the path. So there were a few detours and a bit of climbing over fences. I walked a bit faster than detreich, so left him quite quickly. A little ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Ponferrada October 6th 2010

Thursday 30th September Damn, damn, damn!!! I have just lost all my notes from today until the 6th Oct....I can´t believe it!! I´m going to have to redo them all.... :( So here we go... Today I headed off on my own. Was very very teary in the morning, I´m really really sad to be leaving Armando, I got a lovely hug from the young american chick I´ve met a few times. Was really keen for a day totally on my own...not seeing anyone I knew. And that is what happened!! It was great!! I really enjoyed it. Time to start making the decisions I want to make and doing exactly what I want to do. The walk today was ok, went out to Villafranca... a very very pretty town. Had a drink, but was keen ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Ponferrada September 29th 2010

Monday 27th September - continued... In Astorga. Armando and I went for Pizza, not bad, but terrible service. When we came out Guy and Johan were chatting outside in the plaza, so we sat with in the sun with them for a while. I mentioned to Johan (I´d been talking about it for days to Armando), that I was dying for a bath. He offered the use of his hotel room for an hour, so I could have a bath. WOW....who would think something so simple could get me so excited!! And also, another example of how, on the camino, you just seem to get everything you ask for. Anyway, I took him up on his offer, and had a bath. What a treat. I felt a bit like a princess, it was great just to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Astorga September 25th 2010

Saturday 18th Sept No nap this afternoon and because we arrived in town so early it feels like we have a whole day free. It's amazing! I spent the bulk of the afternoon checking out the Burgos cathedral. Wow! Talk about stunning. It was overwhelming with it's beauty and detail and age. I took heaps of photographs but eventually had to stop as there were just too many beautiful things to capture.  Later we did our standard supermarket shop and then hunted about for dinner.  I had a hard night tonight, emotionally.    But I can't believe the amount of amazing support I got  from everyone. All these wonderful new friends I have made on the camino, they really are so lovely. Tomorrow I think the group will split. It's time for us all to go ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz September 20th 2010

Last night we stayed in Hontanas - wow, what a great place. I loved it, such a really lovely, friendly place. I walked with Armando today. It was a very low key morning. We had a slow breakfast and then headed out. The morning really felt like a holiday, we walked slowly, took lots of drinks breaks and rests, and generally had a very nice time. Along the way we stopped and picked up stamps for my postcards - the ones I wrote days ago. So, they are finally in the post now. The old guy we bought the stamps off was just such a lovely man. Unfortunately, our very cruisy morning meant we had a long hard walk in the sun in the afternoon. It was tough!! When I finally hit Boadilla my first thought ... read more

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