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September 25th 2009
Published: September 25th 2009
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Hi everyone
Frstly forgivemy spelling errors as Iam using a very strange keyboard as always seem against timedue to money needed.No worries.

Its Friday and I m now in Sarria. Only had 13 kms walk today...a breeze really! Hardest part was again having to say goodbyeto friends. I havebeen walking with a japanese anadian lady, a glassartist , and a spanish guy and together we have become the tres amigos. Its been lovely walkig and talkig with others asusual esp trying to speak to spanish!

Lastnight we stayed in Samos a most spectacular place because of it monastery. Amazing ! We arrivedthere after another fabulous days walk through wooded tracks... lots of oak treesand chestnut trees. Really beautiful countryside. Thiswalk had followed a nights stay at avery very small village, full of cows and thats about all, where we found a private albergue. It wasfantastic! Had a great lounge area, served a magnificent pilgrim meal.... the soup was to die for! but........!!!!!!!!! YES you guessed it.... we are now suffering from bed bug bites... had to be from this place! Drats too forit waso nice.Theview ofthe mountains was so superb. Oh well. Today we found a farmacia who could give us itchybitecream!Its starting to work!

However, the best climb (I can say this now I have done it) was upto OCebreriro. It was really hard. I mean really hard. Just as we had been told, the 9 or so kms uptoOCebreiro was incredibly steep made more difficult because the track wasso rocky. I was just so glad i was doing it first thing in the morning and not atthe end of the daylike so many do. It was cool but as has been the case it was very clear and sunny. So the views were just sospectcular. (Think I have used that word a fewtimes!).

OCe. was lovely but Im afraid it has become abit too commercialised for me. No matter ... it was from herethatI walked with Naoko and had another great day!!!

Asusual I could go on and on boutmy adventures. Each day is full of new plces, new peopleand new experiences.

Must tell you.... last night we were trated to some spanish liqueurs fbulous but v. dangerous Im sure!And today Ihave spent time with an English guy who insisted in me trying a new drink.... limon and cervesa(beer and lemon) .... yummy! I donĀ“t like beer! Karen E. and Bill will attest to that! But hey, Ive fund a new thirst quencher!!!!

Tomorrow I get thebus to Lugoandhopefullyon Sunday BillandI willmeet up! I must admit I can hardlywait to see him and share all this with him. I know he is now in Seoul so I am counting down the hours.

We will then starting walkingthe last stage together on monday wish us well. even though weare now in Galicia.. the wettestpart of Spain the weather has been erfect and it is said that this will contiue to next weekend. Hope so!

Keep on having fun everyone... I am!

PS Dad... hope you can get my sms messahges again soon! lOve you ots and know you are following my journey.Love to all.


25th September 2009

It's amazing how our taste (and common sense) can change when we are away from home. Keep trying new things.(drink i mean) i don't think there has ben a day where we haven't had a beer. Wendy is definately keeping up with me with the beer, she is drinking your share of the gin and even into the red wine. enjoying getting your sms each day, feels like we are not far apart. karen
26th September 2009

We're walking for a couple of hours tonight and again tomorrow morning for Relay for Life. Let you know how I feel after two hours!!!! x Judy
26th September 2009

Hand in there!
Hi there! Not far to go now!! How are the boots holding out?? By the time you get this you'll have Bill with you! What a lovely way to finish your journey! Am thinking of you and looking forward to hearing about the travels and seeing the photos! Pam M
27th September 2009

You are so close now - by the time you get this Bill will be with you and you will both be on your last leg of your adventures. What a great time you have had - you must be extremely proud of what you have achieved. You will have some great memories. Good luck on your last week and keep enjoying it. I'm off to Jenolan Caves tomorrow - it will be cold I feel but I will love it. Thanks for all your newsy messages, I feel I have been there myself. Cheers
28th September 2009

Views and bugs too
Hi Karen I loved this account - wierd spelling, breathtaking views, great food and drink and finally, local colour, bed bugs! Enjoy the bus ride. Enjoy Bill. Love and hugs, Jan
28th September 2009

Hi Karen Have loved reading the blogs.All sounds fabulous. It's great doing things outside your "comfort zone"!! Great travellers tales for years to come!! Take care. Gail

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