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September 28th 2009
Published: September 28th 2009
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Hi everyone,
Well finally my best buddy has joined me on the walk of a lifetime! We have both walked 23kms today to now be in Portamarin... a tiny town just four days walk from Santiago. Bill arrived in Lugo last night after 3 days travel which inlcuded four flioghts and a bus trip. needless to say I have left him sound asleep right now in our room. He is exhausted and after such a trip and carrying a far-too-heavy pack he is a shattered pilgrim. I am sure though that with a good nights sleep maybe helped along by a cervesa he´ll be fine and ready to go the next 26kms tomorrow.... I am an optimist, Iknow!!!

I had a taste of luxury whilst waiting for Bill. I left Sarria on Saturday morning and travelled the 30kms BY BUS to Lugo. It was relaly strange not walking! I then had two days to explore Lugo while intermittenly enjoying the comforts of my own apartment (read: space to move, sheets on bed, NO bed bugs and windows I was allowed to open!)

Just how I ma going to go after Santiago and not walking so far each day is anyone´s guess. I felt so good being back out there today. It is really such an amzing time.

Chick is back home now and even commented that it was weird to be back. I am glad I will have a couple of weeks to adjust to no walking as Bill and I enjoy ten days doing whatever sightseeing around Spain after this Friday!!! Wow! the end really is nigh. We passed a milestone (literally) today that marked the 99kms to go....I got quite excited. Even though I have been on the road for 5 weeks now and covered over 700kms it´s all still a bit hard to belive.

To Judy walking the relay for Life... every km walked is greta practice for something biggger... just kidding. Well done on every km done for Cancer Council Support.

TO Concetta... enjoy the last few days of preparation before the big walk. Remember it is gettingcooler at nights now so still pack something warm, add walking sticks if you can and pair of sandals for a change of shoes at night. Also if you have not already done so I recommend a very light sleeping as in weight to carry.

You will have an absolutely fab time here. Do you know where you will start? Enjoy!!

Thanks for all your love and support everyone. Just gotta get rid of these horrid bed bug bites and once again I will be 100% out there. Now going to see if Bill can be convinced to share a celebratory drink... to celebrate his first day, my 700kms mark passed and us being together again!!!!!! There´s always a reason for a drink or two after such a days walk... isn´t there!

Cheers everyone. Just 9okms (give or take to go!) WOW!!!!!!!!!


28th September 2009

Your own apartment, how wonderful that must have been for a change. Enjoy the rest of your time with Bill it will be fabulous to now share it with him. We are going camping with the guys from the fire brigade this weekend down to the national park near Wombeyan Caves. Should be fun. Stay well.
29th September 2009

Way to go!
Great work Karen. What you've done is amazing but I know you're aware of that. I so wish I was there with you and not just in spirit. Hope Bill has acclimatized. I'm sure he will be fine. I had a great weekend catching up with some old friends from high school. We went to Del Rio Caravan Park out past Wiseman's Ferry where one of the girls has cabin. It was so good catching up in spite of the extremely windy weather. All the best for the remaining leg (no pun intended).
30th September 2009

Nearly there!
Hi Karen, Wow! How well have you done and how great it must be to have Bill with you now. I was thinking that when you get back to work next term you will probably want to walk around the uni about 100 times each day. Can't wait to catch up, Cheers, Jan
30th September 2009

EXCITING time - only a couple of days to go - what an absolutely amazing acheivement - what a woman!!!! Have a big celebration when you finish - have one on me! cheers

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