Day 38 : Nothingville, Tim’s Walking, 22kms To Negreira

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October 27th 2018
Published: October 27th 2018
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How soon we forget.
Being woken at 5am by 2 young girls who must have good reasons to be up at this time.
Walking into the dark, hoping it won’t rain.
It rains.
Stopping for someone to check his feet for blisters.
Making your bed up with paper pillowcase and sheets, after a long uphill walk.
Pulling your t-shirt over a wet back because your towel is too small to dry properly.
It sticks to your skin.
Just some of the pleasures of a days hiking on the Camino.
I don’t remember going downhill today but we must have. One long steep hill challenged a group of cyclists who ground through the cogs, too exhausted to acknowledge our consideration at standing aside while they chose the easiest path. Downhill is their reward.
Tim went well for his first day, but his small, tightly packed backpack made him look like a day tripper.
Sent your bag on, did you Tim?
You’ve probably noticed that all the shots of me are taken from behind.
The crowd has certainly thinned out since Santiago, and we saw very few people walking our way. A few were heading back to Santiago but we’ll be on
Santiago Troubadours Santiago Troubadours Santiago Troubadours

A Free performance in the main plaza
the bus after Muxia. My poles are being retired, a ‘ free to good home’ sign placed on them, my walking will be done.
Today was Australia Day as far as the terrain went. Eucalyptus forests and the balmy smell of the wet gum trees followed us for most of the morning.
As we approached Negreira, at a village called Barco, Tim felt a tingle in his toes, so we stopped, let his feet cool down, and continued slowly for the last 2 kms. He doesn’t need blisters before a potentially long day. Dave just sent me details of a good place to break up the long walk so l think we will stay in Lago tomorrow night. Thirty three kilometres is a long stretch on day 2 and the split is good advice.
We’ve explored this town, an exercise that took about 5 minutes, and it’s really just a place to pass through.
There are many antique and brick a brac stores, some classic restored buildings, but that’s it. It’s raining, so dinner won’t be far from here. Tim is out on a search for options as I write.
Tomorrow is meant to be fine, so the view from
the window will need to change dramatically.
A gloomy town of damp concrete grey buildings does nothing to inspire confidence.
If it’s wet, we walk. There’s really no other option other than the bus, and that’s not really an option. Catch up tomorrow.

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It’s Mushrooms 🍄 Season It’s Mushrooms 🍄 Season
It’s Mushrooms 🍄 Season

Not too sure about this pretty little thing.
Tim’s Travelling Lite Tim’s Travelling Lite
Tim’s Travelling Lite

Looks like he’s sent his bag ahead.
Ponte MaceiraPonte Maceira
Ponte Maceira

A lovely unspoilt hamlet. Not a bar in sight.
Albergue El CarmenAlbergue El Carmen
Albergue El Carmen

Surveying my kingdom from the first floor balcony.
Negreira’s Old City Gates, I Think.Negreira’s Old City Gates, I Think.
Negreira’s Old City Gates, I Think.

It’s the way out of town tomorrow.

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