Off to Santiago de Campostela – but driving there in the Tandy not on foot like good pilgrims

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June 17th 2014
Published: June 19th 2014
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Our 19th Wedding Anniversary today. This time last year we were driving down the West Coast of California back to Los Angeles in a Mustang. This year we are driving down the West coast of Spain in our Tandy.

We could have driven from A Coruna to Santiago de Compostela in less than 2 hours but we decided to take the scenic route round the coast.

We’ve been having a few minor navigational problems in that the road atlas is absolutely useless. It shows garages and named beaches ok but doesn’t really care about the rest. Clarissa Tomtom is a couple, but only a couple, of years out of date but keeps getting herself lost. Not helped by the fact that a lot of road numbers have changed. Not major changes but increased from say the S 518 to S 522 which is downright confusing as the Tomtom and my printed map agree with each other but not the road signs.

This caused a potentially major problem as we approached A Coruna with a view to bypassing the town and heading for the coast further down. Clarissa got her knickers in a right old twist and sent us straight for the centre of town. Now we knew, having been there the day before, this was a Bad idea. Clarissa realised her mistake too late and kept insisting we turned left. Left would have taken us into the labyrinth of narrow streets which would have the left the Tandy either wedged or stuck at the bottom of one of the very steep hills. I said ‘No, Shut up Clarissa’ and directed Bob to follow the route we took yesterday to the Tower of Hercules and then hopefully carry on round the isthmus the town is built on until we came out the other side.

This approach worked though not without a few fraught moments.

One hour later we we heading for the coast below A Coruna. This coastline is high and rocky so the beach is only visible occasionally and not terribly accessible to us in our 7 meter long Tandy. We found it in a couple of places and finally at Muxia where there was a very pretty beach and marina. We were going to carry on the Finistere just to say we’d been but decided time was getting on after our wasted time in A Coruna so drove from there straight to Santiago de Compostela.

The campsite was easy to find and a very nice campsite too especially with free wifi, a big pool and good bar and restaurant.

We used them all as we decided to have a meal out as it was our anniversary.

Campsite – Camping Las Cancelas

Cost – not Asci - €24.80 without electric

Our rating : 9.5 / 10 (excellent !)

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