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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Olveiroa October 28th 2018

I’m over this ! I love the walking. I love the weather, even when it hails and is cold. I’m over the dense, warm, smelly atmosphere that you encounter when you re-enter your dormitory after a late night bathroom visit. You could slice the air with a knife; some nights are worse than others. Last night was bad. I couldn’t fall asleep after 3am, in a room of about 26 people, all with dodgy diets, if you know what I mean. Snoring was not a big issue; it was me, filtering this recycled air through my parched mouth, and no doubt contributing to this torment. The only other place I’ve really noticed it was in O Cebreiro, where a particular NZ lady wouldn’t permit us to let in some fresh air. It hits you like a ... read more
One Of Many Hamlets ...
Soft, Sunlit Trees
A Spanish Trunk Call.

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