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September 10th 2017
Published: September 10th 2017
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We have arrived in Spain after 24 hours of plane travel. We caught 2 planes, the first plane was 14 hours then we stopped at Dubai for a lovely breakfast in the first class lounge. Our second flight was 10 hours I did not sleep at all. Let's just say that I have grown a lot from the last plane trip. Two years ago when we went to Germany I was able to curl up in a little ball or lie across mum and dads lap to sleep. But now I am to tall to do all that so I had 2 hours of sleep on the plane.

When we arrived in Spain and took a cab to our apartment. When we arrived at our apartment we got dressed and went out for some lunch. There was a restaurant opposite our apartment. We were all very jet lagged so we did not have real Spanish food, we had chips and chicken wings. Then we walked back to our apartment and Bella and I went to sleep at 3pm. Mum said she would wake us up when Franziska arrived but she couldn't wake us up
First Class LoungeFirst Class LoungeFirst Class Lounge

Zoe and Dean are having a Bachelor rose ceremony.
because we were so tired. Overall Bella and I had 17 hours sleep.

Spain and Melbourne are similar but there are some difference. For example: all the cafes will open at 9am. Close at 1am. 6am for us in Melbourne is 9am for the people in Spain. You will have breakfast at 10 or 11. Lunch at 4pm. Dinner at 10pm. The earliest dinner booking is 9:30.

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In Dubai

14th September 2017

Welcome to Spain!
Dearest Zoe, Yes you really have "grown a lot" in the past two years.....and in so many ways, not least your writing & descriptive skills!! Uncle Mike & I are hugely looking forward to seeing you and having lots of fun when we meet in Malaga. Xx

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