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May 10th 2008
Published: May 27th 2009
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Yesterday was so tiring that i honestly had no time to write so i guess i will start from yesterday.

We woke up at 5 am to catch our flight for 9am to spain. We took the tram fine but then needed a taxi from there to take us to the airport an hour away. The first taxi driver said 100 euros and then another taxi driver behind us said 90 euros so we obviously went for the 90 euro one lol. The first taxi driver was so mad that he blocked us in we couldnt get out! Ridiculous! I finally got out of the caB And screamed "EXCUSE MOI!!!" and started yelling in english!! haha the first cab driver finally gave up and let us go. Its already 7:30am and were on hour away from our airport. We arrived at the airport (thank god), checked in our luggage, but we were however 9kg over weight which means we needed to pay 135 euros in overage! So as were standng in line waiting to pay for our overage, instead of already being on the plane, theyre calling our names over the loud speaker ready for take off! We finally get our tickets and got VIP access (only because we needed to get on the plane ASAP!), we ran down the runway to our ryan air plane haha...

The plane ride was smooth except one big bump which scared us all, but no worries! were safe and sound! after the flight we had to take an hour busride to Barcelona, then a taxi to our apartment. Our apartment is on a shady side street but its very clean and homey, and right off the main street LAS RAMBLAS!!... Out first day we walked down Las Ramlbas, ate lunch and went to the zoo which was very nice. We also learned the metro here which is so much easier than Paris. We then got back to the apartment and passed out cold for the rest of the night.... SLEEPY KIDS

If you ask me, the people in spain are very kind! Much more better than Pairs.

So on to Day 2 in Barcelona which brings me to today....We woke up around 9am, and got a hop on-hop opff tour again for 2 days. We visited all of Gaudis famous monuments like La Padrera, La Sagrada Familia, and the Park Guell. Gaudis use of rock sculpture and mosaics are so beautiful. I couldnt stop taking pictures which reminds me, i did break the lens on my camera = ( sobevs camera is being used a lot

OTher than visiting Gaudis main attractions, we took a cable car to Montjuic Castle, you could see all of Barcelona from the top. Then we went to the aquarium. Not worth it. So upset spent so much to get in!....

We finally made our way back to Las Ramblas to eat some spanish cuisine. We ordered Sangria, tapas, some cheese/mango/lettuce/vinagrette salad, and fried icre cream for desert! it was delicious, and even better, it was cheap~! So after dinner we called it a night. Its midnight now. We dont know what were doing tomorrow, but we definately need a post office to send all these gifts home!


p.s. the weather is chilly! I got completely subnurnt in paris, but cold in spain? Odd!?!?!?

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