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May 15th 2012
Published: May 16th 2012
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Mi Casa y Mi Escuela

This is the route from my house to my school.

Additional maps: Our Walk

El AlcazárEl AlcazárEl Alcazár

This is the alcazár that I we walked around. Really cool.

Just to warn everybody. I write these things in chunks during the day so hopefully it makes sense. It may also mean that I forget things so my apologies.

Today started off much better. I got up and I could not understand what was going on for 5 minutes but my Spanish came back eventually. I think that I can understand a little more today than yesterday. I do not know if that will continue.

Breakfast was simple, I had some crackers and hot chocolate and then did my homework before class. Class started at 10:am and on my way out to go I learned why people do not wear shorts here. The temperature was in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s. It makes sense because this is the mountains. All of Spain is in the Mountains. I might have to invest in a pair of jeans.

Class was interesting. I thought that the Spanish came decently. I could guess at what was being said and I had no problem know the answers to questions. I think that I still need time to recover from jetlag because by the end of it I was drowsy and
The AquaductThe AquaductThe Aquaduct

Me at the Aquaduct. Just another modern wonder of the world.
ready to go to sleep. All of us in the program went out and bought journals for class. We then split up and I went to buy a bottle of water (which is huge in this country. It cost .33 Euros).

Afterward I went home to enjoy lunch again. The food was great. I ate something called Crocetas. They are hushpuppies with meat. Wow. It had chicken with an outer layer of gravy to keep the breadcrumbs from sticking, Also I ate lintejas (lintels) and for dessert I ate watermelon. I was full. Very, very, full. I then took a nap (what I call una ciesta de poder) and slept until 3:45.

At 4 we all went to enjoy the city. It was awesome. There were a lot of sights and views that are to die for. I will include only one though. We were able to see the alcazar and the cathedral. W ealso saw the park that had all of the exercise equipment. I think a couple of you will get a real kick out of it. I will upload the videos of them and to show you how they are used in another blog (hopefully
Las CrocetasLas CrocetasLas Crocetas

Hushpuppies + chicken = Awsome. But Me = Awesome So... Me = hushpuppies + chicken?
one dedicated to those things. I thought that the walk was fun because we got to see much of the city.

After that I returned and ate dinner. It was pechuga de pollo emparada (mashed, breaded, and then fried chicken), tortilla espanola (tortilla cake with sliced potato inside), and un platano (banana). I IT was very good. I will hopefully put out another blog sometime soon. Later,

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La CatedralLa Catedral
La Catedral

The cathedral of Segovia. Thank god for spanish vanity.

16th May 2012

I enjoyed the blogs. Education from afar but but you made me hungry with the food detail and sleepy with your lack of sleep. I agree with you on the 36 hours of no sleep and a full stomach as not be good timing for a lecture. Good thing you are young and resilient. Looking forward to more blogs. Deb

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