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October 6th 2006
Published: October 6th 2006
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here we go!here we go!here we go!

mo, caroline, nick, and myself
so yea, last week, since we had no classes or anything, me and four of my friends planned a little trip up north to the cities of santander (in the autonomous community cantabria) and then to bilbao and san sebastián (páis vasco- basque country). it was tons of fun and pretty cheap for all that we saw and did...

so our train to santander left here at 4:30 on a tuesday afternoon and was set to arrive at 10:30. it was a nice train and seeing as we brought our friend don simon (a brand of box wine), the ride was quite tolerable. i had sandwiches packed from my residencia and then mo´s señora made us all sandwiches with tortilla española on top of that. getting in at night, we intended to just sleep on the street since we didn´t want to spend money. we ended up chilling in a gazebo for a while after basically coming to the conclusion that tuesday nights in cities other than madrid suck. we met some freak from north carolina, too. we did finally find a bar that was open and with lots of young people. we had a decent time and eventually made friends with this group of spanish guys. we told them we didn´t have plans for sleeping and as a result one of them offered to have us sleep in his big apartment he has with his roommates. we were like mmm yea, sketchy, we´ll pass. well by the end of the night they approached us again and were like no, for real, we´re going and you can come stay in our place if you want. we agreed, and so were driven to god-knows-where by god-knows-who. they ended up being the nicest guys EVER and pulled out beds and couches so we all had a comfortable place to sleep. i even got brought a contact case and solution, since we had left all our stuff locked up in the train station.

the next morning we said our farewells and got dropped off more in the city center where we enjoyed sandwiches of cheese and jelly prepared once again by mo´s señora for us. for the next few hours we basically just walked around touring the city. its definitely a beautiful place, but a lot slower than madrid and full of old people. the waterfront is gorgeous and there´s palm trees
playing pretendplaying pretendplaying pretend

pretending to dive like the weird statues (santander)
everywhere. we sat and had coffee, later got ice cream, shoved free samples of stuff in our faces in some store.

come early evening, we took our bus to bilbao, a little over an hour away and more to the east in basque country.

to be continued...

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being weirdbeing weird
being weird

we decided to be artistic and take a picture of us sitting on little ball things and looking in different directions

some church
first nightfirst night
first night

boozing in a gazebo
ridiculous hospitalityridiculous hospitality
ridiculous hospitality

the awesome guys that let us crash in their piso

6th October 2006

Glad to see that higher education is paying off for you
6th October 2006

hey you! sry i never comment on this anymore but since we talk online and stuff i dont check ur blogs as much. Mt Lydon's thrilled u got to stay with victor ( i love mr lydon!) i cant wait to see u fro christmas..u better come home before rachel kills me, i hate families of 4. bye! (ps those guys are so sweet!) ttyl xoxo

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