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October 6th 2006
Published: October 6th 2006
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look, a bullfight!look, a bullfight!look, a bullfight!

casey and myself
well its been awhile since ive updated this, namely because of having my camera stolen some weeks ago at 5am in a plaza and hence no photos. the only other real trama has been my getting punched in the face two nights ago at a bar by this asshole drunk. other than that, spain is better than ever, especially now that i have a legit schedule and am friends with all the spanish kids in my residencia.

anyway, for this update i´m going to pretend im still at the bullfight i went to the weekend before last. it was...interesting. i can´t say i really have much of a desire to go again, but as a quintesstial part of spanish culture, im definitely glad i saw it. the sequence of events is as follows:

- the bull gets taunted by a bunch of different matadors who then run and hide behind a little wooden wall thing so they don't die

- two picadores come, men on armored horseback. they taunt the bull as well and wait for the bull to charge the poor blindfolded horse. then they jam this lance thing into the bulls back to weaken it.
the arenathe arenathe arena

where the shit goes down

- the matadores continue to taunt the bull, then taking turns to jam 6 little spear things into the bull's back

- the head matador comes and does his deal taunting the bull before eventually deciding to impale a sword into the bull's back.

- the bull stumbles about, with blood eventually gushing from its mouth and nostrils, then it collapses or continues to put up a fight as
long as it can

- a man comes with a little dagger and jabs it into the bulls skull, resulting in the bull doing all this twitching before its finally dead. he usually continues to like mash the inside of the bull's head to make sure its dead

- the bull is dragged around by horses around the arena

then comes the next bull...the first bullfight (there were 6) was the scariest in that the bull just wouldn´t die. it was horrible the effort he put forth to stay alive. he even threw the matador a few feet in the air with his horns and then ripped the side of his pants open. he also managed to knock the horse over at one point. after such

this bull is about to be jabbed in the neck by the man on the horse with a lance
a crazy fight the following 5 were just boring.

in the next couple of days i´ll put up pics from my little vacation to northern spain...

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work it

impaling little spears into the bull´s back. cute.

almost getting rammed

6th October 2006

Hi, darling Jeff! So good to hear from you. Uncle Ray and I are leaving tomorrow for Riviera Maya in Mexico. Mexico also has bull fights, but for all the times we've gone to Mexico, we never saw one. Now, I know I've missed witnessing a bloody mess! Uncle Ray and I will be practicing our limited Spanish while on the plane. All I remember is "el bania." I think that's all I need to know! Ii

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