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August 8th 2012
Published: August 8th 2012
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Last Sunday, three friends and I went to the National Park of Tenerife. We took the local bus. There is only one going and returning each day. However, there are many tour buses. We left at 7:00 on bus 103 and headed for Puerto de la Cruz. From there were took bus 348 to the park. We arrived about 11:00.

The road in the park is well paved, narrow, steep, and winding. There is a volcano at the center of the park with a cable car going part of the way up which we didn’t take. On the way to the higher elevation, we saw a forest of mostly pine trees. Don’t know how many needles or kind of pines because by the time we got to the park entrance, the terrain was desert again. There were some lovely ocean views as well.

The two boys with us walked on to climb the volcano (inactive). Since it a long trek, they did not return with us but got back to the ship around midnight. How they did that is another story.

We got off at Rocas de Garcia, the last stop. The rocks were huge, impressive and looked sculptured. There were some flowering bushes and many more that looked dead/dried up. We sat in the shadow of one rock and had our bag lunches. After that we walk short distances on some of the trails. Hyung and I watched lizards, birds and butterflies and took pictures. There were two buildings at that location, a chapel, and a hotel with restaurant. Hyung is from South Korea. She is a cabin mate and on the dinning room team with me.


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