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February 17th 2019
Published: February 17th 2019
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Surf lessons
The weather has been spectacular the past few days. Not unheard of in February, but definitely a bonus for me! Hayden, on the other hand, would prefer rain and cold...or SNOW! Which I hear is still coming down in Canada 😊

Saturday we finally talked Hayden into a surf lesson with Sarah. He was a good sport and managed to get up a few times. Seeing as it is their winter season, the wind is much stronger this time of year, and that makes for more waves. The waves are short and fast, so it also means a lot more work on the surfers part. Hayden says it was enjoyable for the 2 min he actually got up, and it was more work than he thought. Sarah did MUY BIEN, but she too is not as interested in continuing for some reason?

We went to Woodies Kitchen for dinner tonight. Pizza, wine and desserts ake for a happy crowd!

Spanish lessons started this week for the kids on Mon and Wed. They seem to be doing well and not complaining about going. However, Hayden says it is pointless for him as he doesn't plan to live anywhere that speaks Spanish. He wants to be fluent in Mandarin, French and possibly German. I don't see why not Spanish, but at least it is a good way to continue his learning and I am sure it will help him with other languages. I am doing my Duolingo daily to keep up. It seems I am the only one brave enough to try and speak the language, the kids seem to shy still.

I managed to get to CrossFit 4 more times this week, I am on a roll. I also did a sunset Yoga session with Jackie ( I wrote about her last time) on Valentine's day! She is here working and living ...she is from NY but has taken to the Island full time.

I have walked a tremendous amount again, at least 20, 000 a day and even got on a bike ride with Hayden. We took a tour up the Pier and checked out the other side of the Island. Will def do that again.

Our Friday night dinner this week was Mexican. La Picante! The food is true Mexican style and tasty, however, my stomach did not agree with it the next day.....😞

Biking along the pier
Hayden said by far his favourite meal so far!

On Saturday we took a cab to Vuegetta (this is the Old Town). I wanted to how Hayden around some of the cool architecture and Sarah wanted to find a souvenir. We didn't get to climb the tower but decided we would come back when Sean arrives. Strolled through the streets and found a lunch spot at an Irish Pub called McCarthy's. Sarah had Nacho's but was not a fan - way too much guac and paprika for her liking. I had a burger with an egg. It was ok but too uncooked and the flavour of meat here is so different it takes some getting used to. Hayden had fish and chips and again said this was his second best meal so far! Go figure Hayden likes all the food.

Hayden finally got his courses sent to him so he can start getting some school work done. Both the kids just stay in most days working on school, then we head out to do something active in the evening- football, racquetball or a sunset walk to the pier (Sarah's favourite hang out). Computers still seem to be their

past time and Sarah misses her friends back home more this time. I just wish they would go out exploring a bit more and perhaps get into the working out with me, but I can't seem to get them out yet. Again maybe when Sean gets here things will change.

I tend to work out first thing, hang out for lunch with kids and then go to the Coworking space for a few hours work in the late afternoon. Then the kids meet me to chill on the beach for a bit before we head home to make dinner and usually a bit of TV before bed. Not too different than at home ( well except all this working out).

Today is super warm..YEAH and I am going to a 2.5 hour Yoga Manifesto. I know, totally not like me at all, but who knows? It was a lovely 20 min walk from Las Canteras beach along the jagged coastline to El Confital beach. Did some journaling, set some intentions for the future and then, of course, some YOGA. The sun was hot and I think I may have burnt my left side, but that was part of

Margarita time
the experience I guess. Walked with Sam, another nomad from London. He was nice to meet and I learned some more fun facts about traveling abroad and how this other side of the wold choose to live. LIfe to the fullest is it in a nutshell! A fun day. Now for some lunch and a beer on the pier.

It's Hayden's birthday coming up so we are planning a few adventures for that weekend.

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La Pacinta

Mexican night

They get along so well

Julia's fave place to eat

The architecture in Old Town

Vuegetta "Old Town"

Still aving fun in their teens

Yoga Manifesto

View on my way to Yoga

Walk to El Confital

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