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November 26th 2014
Published: November 26th 2014
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Solid silver statue
Faro, Portugal and Seville, Spain. 25,26 November, 14. Fine and warm.

We departed Lisbon early. We both thoroughly enjoyed its relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, marvellous walking and sites and good food.

Headed south in an excellent bus on exceptional quality two and three laned highways, not what we were expecting from our experiences 35+ years ago. This is where all those euro billions were spent. Arrived in the Algarve after 3 hours, staying in Faro. Not as i recall it, but the old town and port were very attractive. Very quiet although cafes still open, but empty, perhaps the Greeks have the right idea of closing at the end of summer.

A train line runs adjacent to the beach, so the harbour on its inside is restricted to anchorages for runabout size boats, anything larger or with masts are on the open side on swing moorings. The airport is built on reclaimed marshland offshore from the city.

Enjoyed an afternoon of wandering through the narrow streets before adjourning for picante sardines on jatz ( our first sardines) and a cold superbock beer. Delicious.

After resting, a strenuous day, we went in search of dinner.

Cloisters Orange grove, the home of Seville oranges!
Not easy as most portuguese don't eat until 9+.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow and as we have seen the delights of Faro we will leave by bus for Seville, 4 hours and a time change east.

Woke to a magnificent sunrise, the shepherds' warnings in our ears.

A good trip. The plains of Spain looked very dry after the lush greenness of Portugal.

Staying in the middle of town, easy walking distance to the sites. Seville looks very prosperous. Its building facades would be some of the most beautiful we have ever seen.

The Cathedral rivals Saint Peters, the Milan Cathedral and Westminster abby. The wealth of its Sacristy and paintings were overwhelming. Not sure how how this helps humanity, but perhaps i am missing the point. The Cathedral was originally a mosque, but converted to Catholicism early on. Building work has been going on for 800+ years. A truly exceptional building and church. We climbed the bell tower, 34 levels to the bell chambers. The views across the city were beautiful. Seville has a Bullring not far from the centre which looks imposing. Not sure when is the bullfighting season, but believe it

From the bell tower
is a summer activity.

Seville is the home of Flamenco and statutes and costumes of dancers and bull fighters abound.

Now to start the search for an open restaurant, most open again about 9 pm. Siesta runs from 1.30-5 pm. We will need to get into the Menu del Dia at lunchtime. No rain as yet thankfully.

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A tropical feel in southern Spain

Looking confused!

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