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June 22nd 2006
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First, Jennifer and I ate anchovies in Granada. Yeah, wow. That's all we are going to say about that.

Oh, and my new friend Tommy Wang is mad at me that he hasn't been mentioned in our blog yet. So here is my shout out to Tommy Wang. He takes care of us.

We got to Seville on Saturday morning. On Sunday night we went to a real live bullfight!!! We were all so excited about it. The crowd kind of reminded us of a Spanish NASCAR. Ha! There were six bulls and 3 matadors. It really isn't what we were expecting. A lot more people are involved than just the matador.

They let the bull run out into the ring. There are these guys that kind of have the job equivalent to a rodeo clown. They tease the bull with pink capes. A guy on a horse stabs the bull behind the head. Then these other guys with hooks run at the bull and try put hooks in the same place on his back behind his head. Finally the matador gets to work with his red cape. The matador is supposed to stab the bull with one
Gardens of the AlhambraGardens of the AlhambraGardens of the Alhambra

The gardens reminded us of the Queen of Hearts garden in Alice in Wonderland
stroke behind his head that is supposed to go straight to his heart. If the bull dies within a few steps then the matador gets to keep his tail and his ear. If not, he only gets the tail.

One of the matadors got thrown but he wasn't hurt. He got up and pranced around for a while. We were kind of rooting for the bulls. Our favorite was the second bull. He was a real fighter. Oh yes, and we were bad tourists after the fight. We ate at McDonalds. I'm ashamed.

Tuesday we went to Cordoba. Didn't do a whole lot there. Mostly walked around. Wednesday we stopped in Toledo on our way to Madrid. It's a pretty cool city. Saw a famous painting by El Greco that I can't remember the name of because it's in Spanish.

We are now in a laundromat in Madrid washing clothes. I can't tell you how excited we were about doing laundry. It just doesn't translate.

Okay, I've added a couple of pictures. Our friend posted them online and I stole them. I have a great one of Jennifer and a monkey that I want to post
Reflecting PoolReflecting PoolReflecting Pool

This is the 2nd most popular picture to take in the Alhambra.

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The first most popular picture to take in the Alhambra.

Looking a little rough because we've been sleeping on the bus for 4 hours.

Waiting for the bullfight to start - Brett, Scottie, JC, JLeist and TWang
Texans at the BullfightTexans at the Bullfight
Texans at the Bullfight

JC Alan and Leist

Action Shot

Hot and sweaty after the fight
Toledo is famous for its swordsToledo is famous for its swords
Toledo is famous for its swords

Look out folks, she's dangerous!

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