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May 10th 2006
Published: April 15th 2010
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Slovenia - 3 Days

Diary extracts in italics

On day 47 I woke up in a field in Italy, 24 miles from the border with Slovenia. I had spent day 46 lying in a field trying to recover from some dodgy Mackerel and I couldnt face staying in the field another day. I continued towards Slovenia but the cycling was very difficult, I had to stop on a regular basis to lye down and soak up some pain.

Day 47 - 41.2 miles - (€8)

So I am happily close to the end of a difficult day. I ate bread, bananas and chocolate roll which made me feel crap and managed to buy a new bed for 2.50 euros (which I cant wait to try out). The 24 miles to the border were slow and involving many pauses to lye down - on one of these I performed the wettest fart possible, therefore I ended up washing in a river, which I actually really enjoyed and the before and after colour of my legs was amazing, weeks and weeks of dirt.

Both sphincter muscles were against me today - my stomach doesn’t
seem to be emptying very quickly , it takes hours - my fucking body aches and I have a killer headache.
On the bright side I got to Slovenia, first impression - interesting language, absolutely no resemblance to anything I know, they seem to use their own currency, one euro = 220-240 (I only went in one supermarket though - the prices were similar to Italy but I was just passed the border)
- The towns don’t exist or a very scattered, theres nothing between the welcome to Vrincekov signs - and 95%!o(MISSING)f the places begin with a ‘V’
- Lots of farms - and loads and loads of farming done manually
- Pretty countryside
Seems like most European countries, in terms of development (i.e. cars, commerce, roads etc). I shall explore more, and hopefully with more enthusiasm tomorrow. Im glad to see the back of Italian roadsigns - signalling every 100 metres and leading me astray.

My 3 days in Slovenia were difficult just because my physical condition was pretty poor. I visited the Postojna Caves, well a small section of them as it was 17 euros to visit and then the capital, Ljublana with its usual nice buildings and the best thing, the dragon bridge.

Day 49 - 44.9 miles

I camped next to the car prak of the Postojna Caves and about an hour after I finished writing my diary a car parked itself 15 metres from my tent, and two teenage couples started getting largered up, annoyingly flirting, giggling and playing music as if they were trying to turn the car park into a rave. The music sounded Arabic but I rekon it was Slovenian by the way they were singing along - it was quality stuff, eurovision song contest stuff, I must admit I did tap my feet quite a lot. I thought they’d go after an hour or something but I´d say it was 2 or 3am when the music stopped - cunts. Loads of their mates turned up at one point, so I was glad to be hidden behind some abandoned metal pylons. I drifted off with sheer tiredness but was awoken quite a bit - they seemed to like smashing bottles.
In the morning I discovered 2 lads had slept on the floor next to the car - fare enough really - just don’t
break bottles and buy some new fucking Cds.

I got to the caves to discover it was 17 euros so instead I paid 5 euros to go in a 200metre section with animals in - I saw a ‘humanfish’, a salamander a clue as to how animals left the oceans. It was a load of crap, I must have been the 1st person to do it in years - there were no other animals except a cave fish (hmmmmm) and a container full of rubbish.

So I had some corn flakes and started feeling ill again. I cycled trying to ignore my sickness, trying to concetrate on the countryside which was very pretty, but it was hard to cycle and I really had to knuckle down to arrive in Ljublana by about 4pm, enough time to see the castle, the centre and the best thing: the dragon bridge. Got some free ice cream too off some crumpet who wanted me or more likely thought I was homeless. The city was nothing so I left and I am now a bit north, kind of lost, hoping to find the road to Kranj the Austria tomorrow.
I nearly soiled myself a couple of times today, most serious when I saw the size of the mountains I have to cross to get into Austria. I must get a new spoke in Klagenfurt, the wheel is buckled and I fucked up the nipple while adjusting the spokes.
Oh well time for delboy, water, setting up the camp and hopes for tomorrow.

On day 50 I cycled up to the Loiblpass at 1369 metres and entered Austria. Slovenia was very beautiful actually, shame I wasnt in the condition and therefore mood to Enjoy it.

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Postojna CavesPostojna Caves
Postojna Caves

A ‘humanfish’, a salamander

The cool bridge

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