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October 17th 2006
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hanging from the sky in the middle of Ljubljana's main square

So, tonight I fly to London and tomorrow I catch a noon flight to JFK. ETA in NYC 3:00pm. Crazy shit.

Slovenia is quaint. It is like kind of like all of Europe crammed into a small space with a population of only two million. There are alpine cottages in the Alps reminiscent of those in Switzerland and Austria, and an Adriatic coastline in the south, and it used to be part of Tito's Yugoslavia so it still has a little of that "Eastern Europe" feel to it. Locals seem to have a complex about the size of Slovenia. "Everything is small here..." "Slovenia is so small that we run around the whole country in the morning"

I've spent most of my time here in Ljubljana but yesterday I went to Bled. It is a small town on a beautiful lake surrounded my mountains. Quaint, just like Ljubljana, just like Slovenia. I met some students the other night in town and they invited me to go on this excursion with them as part of an international week that is going on at their university. So last night I found myself in a cabin on a
Ah! a Dragon!!!!Ah! a Dragon!!!!Ah! a Dragon!!!!

Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana
lake eating Polish, Japanese, and Israeli food with a bunch of drunk people from around the world. I love randoms.

I am going to miss the randoms. I used to be so reluctant to do anything spontaneous, and now look at me! I went to sea as a Barbary pirate! ARRGHH!! Wow, I really suck at this travel blog thing. Good thing this is the end of my trip so I don't have to subject you all to my horrible prose. Can this even be considered prose? So anyways, back to my attempt to reflect on things...this journey has been incredible, I've had some amazing realizations about the world, people, myself, and dryers (come on people, we don't ACTUALLY need to use them!) These things seem really stupid when I spell them out but I came out of a suburban bubble, you have to at least give me some credit. For example, I used to imagine a person from some obscure place like Balkanabat, Turkmenistan and feel as though I would be incapable to relate to this person solely because I am from where I am from and he is from...Turkmenistan and must therefore be some other kind of

Ljubljana at sunset from the castle tower
being. Now, having met and connected with people from different places (sadly, no one from Turkmenistan yet) and cultures, I am aware that I am an idiot and people are people no matter where they are from. I've also learned how to say "cheers" in more than 10 languages. Last night someone said "cheers" to me when I sneezed. It was great because I understood why. Hey you know what? This was the best thing I've ever done. Easily. And now, I am dead excited to be coming home. I can't wait to see everyone and eat everything. And have more than one pair of pants! And *sigh* ...there are lots of things.

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Ducks in BledDucks in Bled
Ducks in Bled

very Autumn-y picture
Lake BledLake Bled
Lake Bled

view of Castle
Elusive Lake CerknicaElusive Lake Cerknica
Elusive Lake Cerknica

Largest lake in Slovenia
Driveby photography of the Slovenian countrysideDriveby photography of the Slovenian countryside
Driveby photography of the Slovenian countryside

station wagon roof and morning fog

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