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November 1st 2006
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Cape CodCape CodCape Cod

Me and Fei
I am home and it's the same. I feel the same when I'm here. Likely this is because I am doing precisely what I was doing when I left: spending hours at home playing with my dog and computer. I will allow myself a week of this before I start to feel bad about it.

The last leg of my trip was fantastic. I got to meet up with friends who have relocated to the east coast and enjoy the glory that is our land of the free! When I danced (yes I was dancing) of my plane at JFK Airport I was the most patriotic person ever. You don't EVEN know. I made my way over to Nate's place and ran into Fei, Chaz, and Antonio on the way there. Our reunion was glorious! We celebrated by eating soul food in Harlem and going to a jazz club.

We left for New England the next day, stopping for the night in Rhode Island. I got to catch up with Emily and that was grand. The next day we made it out to Boston where we just got really confused. We had some Brazillian food (our entire road trip
Cape CodCape CodCape Cod

Tonio and Fei
ended up revolving around food) that we paid for by the pound and sampled the Boston night life (full of frat-boys?) We went out Cape Cod and spent the next two days eating seafood and playing at the beach. We picked up a hitchhiker in Provincetown (the gay mecca of New England) and took him back to Boston where he scared the shit out of Chaz and Antonio in his haunted house.

We spent another two nights in Boston. I like it a lot. It's a really pretty town that I'm sure I'll have to go back to some day. I remembered that I used to really want to move to Boston but there was no reason for it. Now if I ever do move to Boston, I can at least say I've been there.

Maine! We drove up through New Hampshire where we bought some cheap tax-free alcohol then up into the southern tip of Maine to a place called Ogunquit. It was really beautiful there. New England is so different from California! The fall foliage was past its peak while we were there, but to see any leaves changing colors and falling from trees is pretty
We matchWe matchWe match

on Cape Cod
remarkable for a bunch of kids from California.

Yale and Kiran called us to New Haven, CT where we were weirded out by the neo-Gothic nature and locked doors of the campus. Kiran took care of us and it was lovely to see her again! We bonded about time spent in Scotland. After New Haven, we decided to bomb down to Philly for the day to eat cheese steaks. They were kind of disappointing (to me, especially since we didn't order them right...with cheese wiz) but South Street was pretty awesome. Philly seemed like a good place but we barely saw it. I guess I'll just have to go back another time. We went to a hipster club with a horrible DJ but the friendly Philly kids made up for it. Sometimes I hate the fact that SF is so fricken pretentious.

We finally made it back to NYC for the weekend where Nate basically babysat us. We were all so tired by the time we got there that we didn't do much. I was blown away by all the lights in Times Square. You see it in the pictures and movies all the time but being there
Beached boatBeached boatBeached boat

Provincetown, Cape Cod MA
is pretty crazy. I liked NYC much more than I thought I would. People always say you either love it or hate it and I guess I figured I'd be a hater. But I'm not. I'll visit again some time. So yep, our New England + NYC + Philly-for-a day trip was delicious! It was awesome spending time with my friends again. I like to think we had tons of fun. Can you imagine I spent eight months not seeing only three people I knew before I left?

Ok, I'm sorry I'm terrible at writing travel blogs. Thank you for reading about my travels! I hope to be going to China next year so I guess I'll see you then!

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Boston, MA
Canoli e espressoCanoli e espresso
Canoli e espresso

snacks in the North End, Boston
Fun in NHFun in NH
Fun in NH

what? No taxes on alcohol?
Ogunquit, MaineOgunquit, Maine
Ogunquit, Maine

Tonio, Fei, me

Happiness in Maine
Chaz and TonioChaz and Tonio
Chaz and Tonio

We like beaches

Fall foliage

driving into the clouds

even the burgers are smart in New Haven

leaves are fun
South St.South St.
South St.

125th St125th St
125th St

and Chaz
our Japanese photoshootour Japanese photoshoot
our Japanese photoshoot

Antonio, Kim, Fei, Chaz

2nd November 2006

I'm glad you had fun on the rest of your road trip! It was great to see you! Your pictures are great too.
27th November 2006

eeeeeeeee!! bunny, i made it onto the blog!! i feel so blessed! you forgot to mention about how we ragged on all those myspace whore. bitches. xoxoxox

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