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February 27th 2012
Published: February 28th 2012
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I never would have guessed it but my trip has taken me to the location of the first “Hostel” movie, Bratislava, Slovakia. Where kids kill and torture tourists for a piece of bubble gum. Within ten minutes of being there, I witnessed stuff like that happening. So I went to the happiest sounding hostel I could find, Blues Hostel.

Alright, so the real Bratislava is nothing like that. Its not any more rundown then any other city and probably more English speakers then elsewhere on my European tour. Throw in the fact that this city had more beautiful girls then almost anywhere else, fewer cars, less tourists and you can walk the entire city in less than an hour, Bratislava turned out to be pretty awesome.

I had no plan on coming to Slovakia but in the last few days I have heard so many people saying they loved it here. I did check into Hostel Blues which was a pretty good hostel, one of those social ones you gotta love. I got in by train pretty early since it only takes an hour from Vienna, these are the two closest capitals in Europe. Since it was a nice day, about 45-50 degrees but sunny, I made the most of it and walked around. After an hour and a half, I realized I had walked just about every inch of the old city. It was a nice little walk. After chillin back and the hostel, I met Barbara, a girl from Spain that was just arriving and so I walked the city again with her before grabbing some dinner. Back at the hostel I started drinking a few beers and met even more people before a group of us made up of people from New Zealand, America, Brazil and Spain hit the bars. Most of our time was spent at a place called Primi. Good time had by all.

I didn’t end up getting out of bed till around 1pm and was feeling kinda rough. Relaxed most of the day going out for some food and I ended up buying a shirt from an H&M. Off to bed early as I have a bus to Prague, Czech Republic in the morning.

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