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13th March 2013

Nice Post ! Thanks for share it. Thanks, phuket thailand
From Blog: Phuket, Thailand
24th March 2012

I love lists... this one is great!! we did something similar when we came back from our big trip :o)
21st March 2012

You will have to keep traveling...
because you haven't accomplished your most important goal. Good luck finding a job in London. Maybe you can check with U.S. government organizations in the London area.
21st March 2012

hi from Argentina
I love it, I love London, I am a London fan. hahaha Hugs from Argentina. Graciela.
5th February 2012

love your list!! :o)
12th February 2012

thanks so much. I will do another update soon to that list
28th January 2012

It better not be the end of the road.
This is one of the best write ups I've seen for touring Peru, and I will definitely refer to it when planning our trip there. I have been following you for quite some time and went back to read all your blogs, so have been interested in how your relationship with Nicci develops. Your pronouns change from We to I and Ours to Mine quite often, and each time I wonder if you left Nicci behind. So I am pleased to see that you will visit Nicci in London after your short stop in Ohio. I am looking forward to see if you met all your goals, particularly related to her! So you better blog that visit or else.
12th February 2012

thanks so much for your comment. Nicci has been the best part of my trip although Machu Picchu does come close, lol. Enjoy your trip to Peru, it was one of the top countries I have visited.
8th January 2012

We are giving your an award!
Congratulations, you are the Blogger of the Week. :) Check this out. Mel TravelBlog Moderator
3rd January 2012

Very creative!
28th December 2011

HAHA! Sorry man I had come accross your blog and have to say man EXCELLENT! some funny stuff! too bad you're ending ur trip soon though I'll be starting my 2nd go round in South America then over to Asia...
From Blog: Phuket, Thailand
2nd January 2012

Thanks man, good luck on your trip! Hopefully some of my stories can help you if you are going to any places I have been.
From Blog: Phuket, Thailand
3rd July 2011

All the continents in one trip, huh bro? Well, we're driving your BMW right now from Columbus... and eating Cheez-Its.
29th June 2011

RTVE, the spanish public tv makes every year a great coverage of the runs. Here you can watch last years complete runs: I wouldn't run for all the money in the world. At least it's great to see someone who has gathered all that valuable information. Good luck.
17th June 2011

I dom't cee wut the bug deel is iph you sbell a cupel werds rong. I can umbersand wut yuo meen.
From Blog: Just A Reminder
15th June 2011

Loving your enthusiasm
Can't wait to read more.
15th June 2011

I imagine Maya thought you were nuts
Your intentions were pure.
15th June 2011

I'm glad you are alright.
Laughed until I cried about the lightening. I would have loved to watch that! Interesting story about the prostitute. Are you planning to go to Dubai? If so you may encounter these activities again.
15th June 2011

I've just found your blogs this morning and I'm enjoying them.
I love this list and can't wait to read how many of these happen or have already happened. Once you have a massage you'll be getting more!
9th June 2011

I've been checking in on you weekly.
Wow, I must say that I really enjoy checking in on you. I hope things can work out with Nicci another time. I love you pics. Sly looks scary. I heard about Waldo. I loved his pics too. Come by and see us when you get back.
7th June 2011

I love this post.
Everything seems so fun! Sly seems awesome! Wish I can meet that old bugger! Your so funny! I love the pic of you with your shaved face (and that you aren't happy about it!) I hope I can meet Nicci someday! So beautiful! I like her sense of adventure! Miss you.
1st June 2011

carrie said nicci was cute, glad you made the right choice!
28th May 2011

Alan, Hope you followed the hot british girl. Sound like an AMAZING trip, I love reading your blog. Take care! Chelsea
25th May 2011

Chase the skirt
Bro checking in.....It's good to see your spreading your awesomeness worldwide. I highly recommend you follow the girl on that adventure. It looks like you are having a blast. BTW this is a great blog, i look forward to living vicariously through you!

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