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February 25th 2012
Published: February 25th 2012
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I feel like I cheated on Nicci. And with an American. I mean, and with an American guy! But I will get to that in a little. I caught a 2.5 hour bus from Budapest to Vienna with no problems and a few tube station later I was at my hostel, Wombats. It was huge, hundreds of beds but most were empty but still probably over a hundred people there. It was also one of the nicer places I have stayed at. But now that my better half (Nicci) is no longer traveling with me, I am back to mostly 6-8-10 bed dorms. Ten minutes after getting my room, in he comes.

His name is Eric and he is 30 from South Carolina and kinda traveling to Europe on a business he started and visiting family in Rome. After some small chats he was ready to explore and we decided to go find something to eat together and walk around a bit. Our first date, I mean our first stop, was for some fine dining at a nice Austrian restaurant called McDonalds. Don’t act all surprised that two American guys are eating at McDonalds. Since I am missing Nicci I decided to try something new that I thought she would have eaten if she had been there, a tzatziki wrap. It turned out to be amazing. We then took a stroll around the beautiful but extremely windy and sometimes raining city. Before you know it we crossed the main parts and just wandered the back streets till we got back to the hostel. After chillin out for awhile and showering, he asked me on our second date.

“A few of us are going to go to the opera, for four euro they have tickets to the standing area.” Since Vienna is famous for the opera and the music I thought why not. We met up with three Australians from our hostel at the opera house but it turned out not to be an opera but a ballet playing that night. We stayed anyway just not for to long. At intermission, Eric and I left but the three others stayed. I was starving and all the ballet moves looked exactly alike. I kept waiting for Natalie Portman’s version of the dark swan to come out but these girls just didn’t have it in them, lol. We ended up eating at some schnitzel place and it was alright. When we got back to the hostel we used the free drink voucher the hostel gave us to the bar and ended up chillin there all night meeting tons of people. I did meet a guy from Parma (near where I live for those who don’t know) who was teaching English in Germany. He introduced to me his girlfriend is goes to university in Nottingham, where Nicci is from. Maybe there is something about these two cities and everyone is attractive to each other. I might try a little experiment and start flying people back and forth to see if there is some kinda of unexplained connection there.

After relaxing in the morning I decided to walk around Vienna again but by myself. I did basically the same stuff as the day before but I looked in a few shops but everything is very expensive. I came back to the hostel to write the last blog entry when Eric found me and said there was a video he saw of something he really wanted to do in Vienna, ice skating. I guess during the winter they transform a public park into several giant ice skating rinks with tons of pathways you can take. I invited our new Japanese roommate to make it a little less weird, lol. So while the three of us were walking up to the place the Japanese guy and myself were getting very nervous. I haven’t ice skating in over 20 years and it was only the second time the Japanese guy has ever done it. Eric was all excited even though he hasn’t ice skated much. These people were flying by and down the paths with ease so we decided to do a few practice laps in one of the open areas. Luckily for me it came back pretty easy, the same with Eric but the Japanese guy, sorry I forgot his name, didn’t have the same luck. He struggled and fell a few times before taking it easy. It turned out to bed a real good time skating down the paths with the amazing old gothic clock tower lit up. I never did end up on the ice, even when I tried to do a fancy move for my camera with one leg in the air. I will try to post a video cause photos won’t do it justice.

Thats when it hit me. Strolling the backstreets of a picturesque old city, the ballet, McDonalds and now ice skating under the lights. It kinda feels like were dating. Nicci please don’t be mad.

Nothing happened that night, lol. I got back to the hostel and packed my bag and chilled out on the internet cause I decided instead of spending four nights in Vienna liked I planned, I would be heading to Bratislava, Slovakia for two nights before going to Prague, Czech Republic. Since Budapest, I have heard so many backpackers talking about Bratislava and how surprised they were its so lovely. Stay tuned to find out if they were right cause I enjoyed Vienna, Austria a lot.

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