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Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad September 29th 2018

We have a long drive today; 4 hours and 240 miles across the Serbian border to Novi Sad, a city on the banks of the River Danube. I start the day with a shower. The shower gel is mint and nettle, so I am clean but smell like an enormous throat lozenge. Next, breakfast; we are served pancakes and home made plum jam which causes great excitement after 3 weeks of bread, cheese and ham. Then we set off for Serbia in a cloud of minty freshness. Most of what I know about Serbia comes from news reports on wars with its neighbours. This image was not helped when, in Ljubljana, a group of Serbs handed us a leaflet saying “Welcome to Serbia,” which seemed like rather an aggressive thing to do in the capital of ... read more
Novi Sad selfie
Petravaradin Fortress
Petravaradin Fortress

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad September 10th 2015

So… what’s on today. Travel to the border town of Szeged and cross into the province of Vojvodina in Serbia. Enjoy a stop in Novi Sad, the capital of the province, set on the River Danube and famed for its Petrovaradin Fortress Wake up call… 6.30am Bags out and Breakfast… 7.15am Departure… 8am Woke up and had a shower, packed and put our bags outside the room before heading down for breakfast. I love the concierge service, just put your bag out and it will arrive in your next hotel room… Unless you were Steph and Art who’s bags went missing. Steph got hers back when we arrived in Serbia, Tedon the other had did not get his back until Bucharest!!! What a stress… that’s a story for later. Breakfast was good, the usual holiday hotel ... read more
Serbian McDonalds
Mum Dancing in the Rain

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad August 10th 2015

Another day, another country. Border control is on board this morning but we don't have to front then this time, however, we have been told that we need to carry our passports while on shore. As we walk off, the Hotel Manager reads my t shirt (the perfect man one - has a giggle) and then says he is happy that I didn't have my Croatia t shirt on today - might not be politically correct - or good for my safety either.......... Our tour this morning takes in the local town of Novi Sad. Our local guide is a cracker (Jelena). She is about 40, has a 2 and a half year old, is a single mother and we nearly also found out lots of other info as well. She certainly didn't conform to the ... read more

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad April 19th 2015

I'm so enjoying this holiday; not only is Hippie a wonderful traveling companion, but it's been educational and relaxing and just plain fun. I really wanted to experience a river cruise to better sell it moving forward, and being able to explore destinations I've not yet traveled to made this itinerary that more appealing to me. I also enjoyed exploring Hungary even more; my father is Hungarian and I feel that my roots are here; despite being born and raised Canadian. Being in Hungary reminds me of my grandmother, and her cooking, the decorations in her house and just the sights and smells; I'm sure it's more of an emotional response but it just makes me happy (if that makes sense.) We have now crossed over into Serbia, a country that I have much to learn ... read more
The 'hairy' flower
Novi Sad street scene
Novi Sad

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad June 29th 2014

Today Mirela took me to Novi Sad, a town about an hour north of Belgrade. A cute place, and they were getting ready to host a huge music festival called the Exit festival a couple weeks after I would be there.... read more
Orthodox church
Orthodox church

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad July 10th 2013

July 9, 2013 Initially I, of course, had great plans for a comprehensive Balkan trip, including the best places (mostly Unesco World Heritage Sites) in Serbia, Macedonia, Kotor, and Albania. The trip gradually boiled down to Serbia (Exit Festival in Novi Sad) and Kotor, with possible excursions to Dubrovnik in Croatia and Shkoder in Albania. Unlike the previous year, we’d not take the exhausting bus from Beograd to Montenegrin coast along the serpentine, but simply fly from Beograd to Kotor and back. Our (my and Vasily’s) second trip to Serbia and Montenegro was arranged somewhere in the end of March or beginning of April; we bought air tickets for a modest price and waited patiently. Alexey (my schoolmate) decided to join us later and would only stay with us in Serbia. This time we stayed one ... read more
Military Vehicle in Beograd Fortress
Православна богословија (Sr. Karlovci)
Православна црква Светог Николе

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad August 30th 2012

Hello all, We are using the excellent internet connection here in Croatia to get up to date with the blog. Serbia was certainly the heat we were looking for, all 45 degrees, no breeze and dry open plains of it!!! We spent the most crucifyingly hot night in BFG yet in Novi Sad, up on a fortress! No sign of a breeze and no fan in the van made us decide to change our route a bit. After we'd seen Sarajevo, Bosnia, instead of heading South West towards the tip of Western Greece over a lot of landlocked flat terrain, we thought we'd go West straight to the nearest coast - Croatia to get some coastal breeze and cool ocean. Despite the unbearable heat, we found the fortress really impressive and learnt about the NATO airstrike ... read more
A lake nr the border of Hungary and Serbia that we found to cool off in!
Lakeside camping, our favourite in South Hungary
Novi Sad Fortress

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad July 12th 2012

12/07 I knew that I’d return to Exit this year and I bought the ticket already in April. Four days of extreme pleasure do not happen always. This time, though, I felt much better during the night and almost didn’t get tired and danced much less; generally, I spent less time at the festival, but that does not mean that I disliked it or anything of the kind. I just rested more. As always happens during my short trips, I had to make certain translations, so the pattern of the stay in Novi Sad was translate – dance – sleep – eat – translate – sleep – dance – sleep – eat – translate etc… This time I stayed in student dormitory Bajic alone in the room, because the second man moved out of the room ... read more
Novi Sad bridge

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad July 7th 2011

Exit 7-10 July 2011, Serbia Novi Sad It so happens that I mostly do not manage to write a complete story about a trip during or after it, and when it comes to the task I simply want to do away with it as quickly as possible. It is not that I do not like writing about trips. Let’s get, though, straight to the point. Exit Festival is, without any flattery, the best dance event I ever visited. There is little to relate since my 4 days were passed according to the same simple scheme: party – sleep – translate – eat – party etc. 7 July While staying in Beograde, I wanted to do some translation in the morning, but failed, slept until the checkout time. I walked to the bus station and bought a ... read more
Novi Sad Street

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad July 1st 2011

Is it possible that Serbia have the hottest women in the world? Well no but they are pretty bloody close. Belgrade (no offense) lets them down. They do however have the most athletic legs in the world. Christ! I don’t know how they do it. I caught the train to the north of Serbia to Novi Sad where you can’t get anymore Serbian. From the 18th-19th century it had the highest population of ethnic Serbs. It was culturally and politically that way as at the time Serbia didn’t have a nation of their own. Nowadays it’s a high student population. I ended up staying at a home stay, which was right next to the cathedral on the main square. I immediately took a liking to the place, again a very strong cafe culture with an alternative ... read more
2 - the steps in the Red Cross Concentration Camp
3 - The Skull Tower Nis
4 - Statue explaining the progession of wealth

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