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My Name is Sarah and I love to travel.

This journal is a place to record my travels and the adventures.
I have travelled in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East, but most of those places I was like 3 when I last visited so I want to travel MORE!!!
My love is for Asia, I want to travel there as much as possible as well as Australia and New Zealand.
My current aim is to have an awesome road trip around Europe... I want to go everywhere and see everything

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 11th 2015

Itinerary - Journey, by way of Nis, to the border and cross into Bulgaria continuing to Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. Explore the city on an included sightseeing tour with a local guide, including highlights such as the Parliament building, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, St George Rotunda Church, National Theatre and St Sofia Church. Wake up call… 6.30am Bags out… 7.15am Departure… 8am Another nice and early wake up call for us all!! I’m starting to get used to these now. We packed out bags, and headed down for breakfast. I have no idea what happened during the night but I was eaten alive by mosquitos. Some of the guys thought it was spider bites and bed bugs… *shudders* either was it was not fun. Anyway, headed down for breakfast and again it as very eastern European, there ... read more
Chocolate Spread
Mountainous Journey
Welcome to Bulgaria

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade September 10th 2015

Itinerary part 2 - Continue to Belgrade (Beograd), the capital of Serbia, for one night where Dinner is included at a restaurant by the river. After we all dried ourselves off from the pouring rain we headed off to Belgrade where we were give some free time to walk about. The problem was it was still so wet; no one wanted to get of the coach, except for my coach buddy Mary. She ran to the nearest shop to find an umbrella while the rest of us travelled back to the hotel. Once we settled down dad and I thought we could get a taxi back into the centre of town but it was just a little bit too far away from our hotel to be worth the time. It was a shame as this was ... read more
Ruins in Serbia
Television Bombing Ruins
Bottle Tree

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad September 10th 2015

So… what’s on today. Travel to the border town of Szeged and cross into the province of Vojvodina in Serbia. Enjoy a stop in Novi Sad, the capital of the province, set on the River Danube and famed for its Petrovaradin Fortress Wake up call… 6.30am Bags out and Breakfast… 7.15am Departure… 8am Woke up and had a shower, packed and put our bags outside the room before heading down for breakfast. I love the concierge service, just put your bag out and it will arrive in your next hotel room… Unless you were Steph and Art who’s bags went missing. Steph got hers back when we arrived in Serbia, Tedon the other had did not get his back until Bucharest!!! What a stress… that’s a story for later. Breakfast was good, the usual holiday hotel ... read more
Serbian McDonalds
Mum Dancing in the Rain

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 9th 2015

Today itinerary included a sightseeing tour with a local guide featuring Buda Castle, which dominates the twin cities of Buda and Pest, separated by the broad ribbon of the Danube. The expansive plaza of Heroes' Square, the old inns along the Buda riverbank, the impressive Royal Castle, Parliament, Fisherman's Bastion, Matthias Church and Margaret Island. Wake up call… 7.30am. Not too bad!! Departure… 9am After breakfast we all got on the coach and headed out to Buda. Luckily I’d had a good chat with Mary the night before she became my seating buddy on the coach. We sat behind my parents. As we were driving alone, Ali explained to us about the Cosmos seating rotation. Every day we had to move back 2 rows until we reached the back of the coach and then move forward. ... read more
Széchenyi Thermal Bath
Matthias Chruch
View from Fisherman’s Bastion

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 8th 2015

We flew to Hungary, Budapest. The flight was very smooth and seemed to be over before I even knew we had started. We waited for our bags to arrive, my parents thought they recognised someone but they could not put a finger on it. We looked around while waiting to see if there was anyone else with Archers/Cosmos tags but couldn't see any. As usual out bags came out last. Once they finally arrived we met out tour guide. Her name was Alina Morar. She already had another couple with her, a lady and surprisingly the guy that my parents thought they recognised. Ali seemed really nice, and it was kind of a relief that there was someone who I thought was my age. We got in our coach and headed back to the airport. My ... read more
Chocolate and Caramel Crème Brulee

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest November 1st 2012

As always, we woke up early and went to breakfast, same sort of things as yesterday – more leftover vegetables etc. We needed to kill some time before the taxi so decided to go for another swim to make most of the pool. There were less people than yesterday but 2 old people in Jacuzzi most of the time so didn't join them. We did manage to get quick dip in Jacuzzi eventually. We spent most of the time on the shelf in the main pool with all the bubbles haha. We then changed and went back to the room to pack. I packed my case then I did Fiona’s again. For some really stupid reason my bag was super heavy so I asked Fiona is I could but the "gold leaf" schnapps from the Vienna ... read more
Jump hug
Confused look
Sleepy taxi back

Europe » Hungary » Central Transdanubia » Balatonfüred October 31st 2012

Slept really well last night. The room was dark at night with little outside light because of the thick curtains. We woke up early this morning so we could go for a swim. First we went down to the hotels restaurant for breakfast. There was a very strange selection of food – in same buffet style as dinner last night and much the same food too! Vegetables and potatoes from evening meal (probably leftovers!) and meat goulash thing. So we went for a swim, the changing rooms were really nice but open plan. Luckily we were the only ones in there so it was ok. First we went into the big long pool but it was freezing so couldn't stay in long! I loved it, once you got used to the temperature it was ok. There ... read more
Balaton Bars
Giant Bag of Crisps
Pet the Kitty

Europe » Hungary » Central Transdanubia » Balatonfüred October 30th 2012

As always I woke up really early to pack my suitcase, then did Fiona’s too. I had a look at the window and it was snowing, sadly it didn't settle though. We took our cases down to left luggage and had breakfast. We checked out and sat in bar area in a little group while people came and said goodbye. The South Africans all left together and Gina and Simon left to continue their trip around Europe. A few of the guys staying in Budapest a few extra days and went out to Turkish baths etc. We decided to book taxi on the hotel guest computer to pick us up from Anna Hotel to get to airport on Thursday. Getting worried about train reliability and didn't want to miss flight. Definitely seemed worth it for £20 ... read more
Mooning statue mooning the Moon
Lake Balaton
Festive tree at the Hotel

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest October 29th 2012

New hotel, new room to get used to, I guess I slept ok. It had snowed a little overnight, nothing really settled though. Went downstairs for some breakfast, it was really strange, there was a big range of foods - pasta, rice, goulash looking stuff…odd! We just had rolls with Hungarian chocolate spread and yoghurt. There weren’t many people downstairs for breakfast, so we sat by ourselves, Pam and Lauren came down shortly after and sat with us. Today’s itinerary started with and early coach tour to the parliament buildings with a Hungarian guide – she was a bit hard to understand but she was very knowledgeable and nice. We had to wait outside for a bit and it was a little soggy but there was a nice memorial statue with a nice fire on top, ... read more
Flame outside Parliament
View from Gellért Hill
Buda Castle

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest October 28th 2012

The coach journey to Hungary was pretty uneventful – there were actually people at border control this time although they didn't say anything about lack of visa for Slovakia. Fiona and pretty much everyone else on the coach fell asleep except me, I ended up chatting with Chris and Emma which was nice :) We got to Budapest but I can't remember what time. We had a little drive through the city – it was much more crowded than Vienna and doesn't look so organised. It was a bit misty and couldn't really see the surrounding hills well – suspect it looks better on nicer day. Chris dropped us off at Hero Square and we all walked down to Museum of Torture – war museum which really didn't appeal. Apparently Fiona could have got in free ... read more
Dobos Torta
River Danube
Pretty Bridge

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