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October 6th 2021
Published: September 9th 2021
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Having just returned from a trip to Chicago, I have some thoughts on travel food. But I must tell you that Chicago itself is a great foodie city. I enjoyed several great meals, at Joe's Stone Crabs, Portillo's, Eataly, and a Wrigley dog. But when I am sitting on a plane or train, without any decent food options, I carry my own food. Aside from the usual, I bring food like mixed nuts, cup of noodles, energy bars, and a half sandwich from home. In fact, cup of noodles is the BEST food to take while on the Trans Siberian Railway (8 days if nonstop). I even discovered a new "instant" food, in the form of cup of mashed potatoes. And it was quite good! But I just found a newer, more versatile option, easy to prepare, delicious, and satisfying. From Lifehacker (Claire Lowen): Instant miso soup is, in my opinion, one of the best-tasting instant soups, and the easiest to pack. There are no noodles to accidentally crush, and the tiny packets take up very little room. All you need is hot water, and you have a delicious, savory, and comforting snack (or a light meal if you use two packets).And if you happen to have an egg, spinach or tofu, the soup becomes a very nutritious and satisfying meal.The packets can be purchased at just about any Asian grocery store. They come packaged as a set of about 4 or 6 as I recall, and very inexpensive. Variety packs are also available, offering a few variations. Just add hot water and stir into a coffee mug. No chopsticks required!I am sure each of you have your favorite, easy to pack travel snacks and food items. Please share your favorites. And please do not mention boiled eggs!!


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