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July 18th 2018
Published: July 20th 2018
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From Rome!From Rome!From Rome!

We visited the Finland National Museum the day we left Helsinki, so we are adding a couple of pictures here. Museum was a chronological representation from prehistory until 2017. This item was from CE 300 of so, and an archaeologist concluded the gold came from the Roman Empire. Gosh, is that not wonderful?
Hello from St. Petersburg. We have now made an overnight ferry trip on the Princess Anastasia (the Princess was a member of the Czar's family the Communists murdered almost exactly 100 years ago). Our first impression of the ship was favorable compared to the Viking we have previously sailed and will two more times. Newer paint, carpet and other d├ęcor. However, when we were confronted with the ship's systems and meals we quickly altered our view. The buffets do not approach Viking. Can't drink the water-must buy bottled water from them. Furthermore, at the buffet where potable water is available a sign is posted not to fill water bottles. Really? Nonetheless they delivered us to St. Petersburg.

Now for customs. Upon leaving Helsinki we were thoroughly assessed by a Russian official. Fully two occasions of seriously alternating between us and the picture on the passport as if we were not the person on the passport. Upon the second scan HP, the wise (deleted) winked at the official. Then in St. Petersburg, well what can we say? The ship arrived at 9am; we finally cleared Passport Control just after 11. Each person was thoroughly assessed averaging two minutes per individual (each

Priests delivered their sermons from this a few hundred years ago.
member of a family group was evaluated separately). We have been through a ton of passport checks and nothing has ever approached being anything like this.

After a lengthy trip with many backtracks and inquiries of locals (some quite helpful, some not so much) we arrived at our apartment at 1:30. Check-in difficult but we will not elaborate. Out on the town at 2pm. Back in Norway we had a conversation with an Italian from Venice about Chinese tourists. We complained about the constant selfies and pushiness. He agreed and added, they just rush through things, not spending time to appreciate what they are seeing. Seems our passport may be from China today. Not sure we'll do any better tomorrow-so much to tour and only two days for us, but we'll try at the Hermitage.

Finally, on the most important note. Happy 16th M-1!

Additional photos below
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Snapped this as we traversed a number of miles on St. Petersburg streets today. Hope to spend a good deal of time inside tomorrow.
Admirality BuildingsAdmirality Buildings
Admirality Buildings

This square is fairly large. Snapping pix like we are from China.
St. Issac's ChurchSt. Issac's Church
St. Issac's Church

We arrived at the square where the church is located several times in an effort to find an ATM to obtain Rubbles for a trolley to our apartment. Having a great sense of direction is not us.

Peter the Great founded this city, and it was the capital of Russia until after the Communist Revolution. There city is constructed in a marshy area, and there are a great many canals, all we saw are attractive. Here is one.
Nevsky ProspektNevsky Prospekt
Nevsky Prospekt

This is the main drag in St. Pete. Notice the straight arrow of the street; thanks to Peter. It is a number of miles long and filled with similar stately buildings. Our apartment is a bit behind the picture.
Kazan CathedralKazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral

Some airhead must have deleted the picture of the exterior. Sorry.
Church of theSpilled BloodChurch of theSpilled Blood
Church of theSpilled Blood

No not Christs blood; this magnificent church was constructed on the site of Czar Alexander II assassination. It has more icons than any church in the world. No argument here.

Told you there were a ton of icons.

This tower was part of a optical telegraph system that stretched for six hundred miles to Warsaw (then part of the empire). Lights were reflected from one mirror to another. Do not know about amplification but must have been some.
Catherine the GreatCatherine the Great
Catherine the Great

She came to power by dumping her useless husband (no ideas Bird). And no she did not die from a horse falling on her.
Faberge MuseumFaberge Museum
Faberge Museum

Extensive exquisitely decorated eggs and a great many other items, very opulent. The expense must have been staggering, thus can see why the peasant became a bit annoyed.
Faberge ContinuedFaberge Continued
Faberge Continued

Another item, one of a thousand.

20th July 2018

There were some very pretty pics here even though I just rushed through them! I think of Russia as dark and cold. I really like the less ornate and " village" type pictures. St Issacs looks like the dome on GA capital.

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