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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg March 16th 2022

Originally founded by Peter the Great in 1714 Sestroretsk is a seaside resort town known for its sandy beach on the Gulf of Finland but today with Anna it was not sand we saw but snow as she walked on the frozen Gulf of Finland ! As she walked to the beach area we passed early 20th-century wooden dachas in the art nouveau style. It was such a beautiful tour, filled with all the information that we are used to receiving from Anna. During these difficult times it was so lovely to be sharing this beautiful walk with Anna and to hear her shrieks of laughter as a kite ice skater wanted to get close. read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg February 26th 2022

There are blogs that are easier to write than others. This is definitively one of the toughest I had to write in years. There will be a total of 3 blogs about our stay in Russia from early February to the day we left at the end of the first week of March. The world in early January 2022 was so different than it is today, and yes I could witness all of it from the inside, bear in mind the comfortable side of the inside if you compare with those in Ukraine. Sad is the right word, scared too can apply. This trip was not a holiday, but a family and friends visit with the aim to pack as much culture as we could every day. During the 5 weeks in Russia, bear in mind ... read more
I love pelmenis...
Tanya, Chrusch of the Savior on Spilled Blood
Palace Square

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg December 23rd 2021 St. Anne’s Church, or Annenkirche, is a large Lutheran cathedral in the heart of St. Petersburg. It stands out among the other buildings with its semicircular rotunda with columns. This evening Anna was able to take us inside to meet Katya who is a guide for this remarkable building and to learn of its history. As we entered the church resembled a set for a post-apocalyptic movie. Annenkirche was built in 1779 by architect Yury Felten and is one of the oldest churches in St Petersburg, it was originally built for the German community. During the 19th century the church used to be the spiritual home of many famous city dwellers, for example Carl Fabergé. Not only was it a church, but it also functioned as a hospital and a shelter. In Soviet times, the ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg December 23rd 2021 A wonderful tour of a private collection of Russian New Years and Christmas collections. Ivan's incredible collection of ornaments from all over the world that also included a fascinating selection of Russian ornaments from various periods in Russian history from the late 1800s to the present day. Anna also treated us to a glass-blowing demonstration of a Christmas tree bauble.... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg November 28th 2021

What a treat to be able to visit virtually the Faberge Museum with Anna in St.Petersburg The collection is made up of over 4000 display items which represent the many different items created by the House of Fabergé. Anna gave detailed information on many of the items with the main focus on the Imperial Eggs all so beautifully displayed. The First Hen egg (Given by Tsar Alexander III to his wife in 1885) was not on display as it is part of the Faberge collection currently being shown at the V&A museum in London. The Renaissance Egg is a jewelled Easter Egg and was the last Faberge egg Alexander gave to his wife Maria. The Rosebud Egg opens like a bonbonnière to reveal a yellow-enamelled rosebud, where the surprises were originally contained. The surprises are missing, ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg September 19th 2021

The impressive Olga's and Tsarina's islands were created between the years 1830 to 1840, on the order of the emperor Nicholas I. They are dedicated to his spouse Aleksandra Feodorovna, and their daughter Olga. Anna always brings history to life in her tours. So many wonderful stories she explained so eloquently. The pavilions were closed but we could enjoy all the beautiful gardens and surrounding lakes. Tsarina's pavilion - There is a flower bed between the bench and the pavilion, with a fountain in the marble basin in the center of it. In the bowl of the fountain, there is a statue of Narcissus, admiring his beautiful reflection in the water. The "Praying boy", set in the niche of the pavilion - is the Roman copy of the Greek original. A shimme... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg July 31st 2021

I stayed at the hotel in Moscow for the rest of the morning and got good sleep. My friend Ben had suggested that I take the overnight train, Red Arrow (?), VIP class with full Russian music at the platforms, to St Petersburg which was super tempting. However, what I mostly needed was sleep and was worried I would not sleep on the train and would get in too early to check into the hotel. So, I just booked business class on the train that left around 10am and took my time to pack up and relax. The train station was just steps from the hotel, but lugging my giant suitcase around in that heat is never fun. I found the business class lounge and was able to get a bit of breakfast and tea before ... read more
Steamed dumplings
Seven Bridges
Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg July 13th 2021

Kronstadt Alongside establishing the city of Saint Petersburg in the spring of 1703, emperor Peter the Great commissioned to build fortifications on Kotlin to make sure no invader could get in. Very quickly a little town of Kronstadt would be founded Kronstadt is a town and naval base on Kotlin Island, just west of St. Petersburg, Russia. Anchor Square is dotted with military memorials. On the square, the 20th-century Byzantine-style Naval Cathedral has an ornate interior. Tree-lined Petrovskiy Park is home to the 19th-century Monument to Peter the Great. Kronstadt History Museum displays regional artifacts. Offshore is the man-made island of Fort Alexander. The beautiful St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral - the biggest church built for the navy. It is a memor... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg June 14th 2021

Part 1 - palace bridge & trinity bridge Part 2 - palace bridge & annunciation bridge Part 3 - boat trip... read more
Part 1
Part 1
Part 1

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