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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin July 22nd 2013

Day 70 – St Petersburg Officially on the downhill slide now. I’m past the half way point of my trip. Sad face. It’s gone fast and slow. Quite bizarre. Anyway… HUGE day in St Petersburg today. TopDeck planned it all so no extra money needed either. Bonus! We started off on a bus tour with our Russian guide - Svetlana. We saw amazing churches, rivers, boats etc. We got to hop off a lot for photo opportunities too which was good. We were then given some free time for lunch and a bit of shopping. We’re having a hat party tomorrow so I was on the hunt for something fabulous. Later in the arvo we headed to a fortress which had a lovely church inside. Lots of gold everywhere. We got to listen to ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin May 20th 2013

I’ve always wanted an excuse to visit Russia, so when I was invited to give a paper at Saint Petersburg State University, I couldn’t resist. Mark was more than willing to jump on the bandwagon, so we sorted out our visas (an entirely corrupt process which involves paying any random Russian company to “invite” you into their country before dishing out a not-so-small fortune to the Russian embassy), and jetted off to Saint Petersburg. Any preconceptions I’d had about Russia were instantly revealed to be misconceptions. Firstly, there was the weather. I’d always harboured the naïve notion that the Red Square lies under a perpetual dusting of snow; that the palaces and churches of St Petersburg would be viewed against a backdrop of steely grey sky. When I checked the weather forecast a week ... read more
Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood
Russian Dolls
Inside the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin January 5th 2013

So, it’s taken a while to get this written and typed up for you guys. Last you heard we were in Tallinn getting ready to leave for St. Petersburg. We’d stocked up in Rima, a large hypermarket in Tallinn with supplies for the journey. We let our hotel in Tallinn know in advance that we would be leaving before breakfast and they made us each a packed breakfast for the journey. They also called us a cab to be there at 6:30. We came downstairs right on time to check out and catch our cab but some bloody Russians took it before we could get out the door! The girl on reception called us another one and luckily we made it to the bus station for 7. Our tickets said seats 8 and 9 but once ... read more
Frontage Of The Hermitage
Ornate Staircase Leading up to Exhibits
Throne Room of The Palace side of The Hermitage

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin December 18th 2012

Bonjour à tous, Depuis un certain temps, j’avais réussi à être assez constant dans mon écriture. Maintenant que les longs déplacements de trains sont terminés, je me rends compte que ce n’est pas aussi évident de poursuivre sur ma lancée. Ceci étant dit, avec le délai depuis ma dernière correspondance, vous avez probablement compris que la découverte de la Russie est maintenant terminée, et quoi que j’aie beaucoup apprécié mon passage en cette terre inconnue, il était temps que nous passions à autre chose. Je vous propose donc un petit retour en arrière sur notre dernière semaine et demi en Russie, passée à Moscou et St-Petersbourg. Moscou Arrivé sur la place rouge a été assez spécial. En fait, nous avons fait tous les détours possibles pour ne voir la cathédrale Basile-le-bien-heureux que le plus tard possible. ... read more
Cathédrale Basile-le-bien-heureux  -  Moscou
vue de loin sur le Kremlin - Moscou
Cathédrale de l'Assomption - Kremlin

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin December 15th 2012

12 décembre 2012, St-Petersbourg Je suis tellement déçue! Je suis au pays du ballet, au pays de Tchaikovsky et je ne suis même pas allée en voir un!! Pire encore : une représentation de Sleeping Beauty et de Nutcraker était le soir et le soir suivant notre départ, dans l’un des plus grands et prestigieux théâtre de l’Europe. Quel beau cadeau de noël ça aurait fait! En plus le musée de l’Académie de ballet de St-Pétersbourg était fermé et le plus près que j’ai pu m’approcher de mon fantasme de petit fille fût de prendre une photo sous l’enseigne de l’école. Dans mon très élégant costume noir, danseuse étoile du Walking Beauty! St-Pétersbourg est, à mon goût, plus jolie que Moscou et plus intéressante par la quantité de musées et de palais qu’on y retrouve. Mon ... read more
Artistes, St-Petersbourg
Cathedrale Kazan, St-Petersbourg
Canal de St-Petersbourg

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin April 13th 2012

In a word 'cold'... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin January 10th 2012

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin September 17th 2011

Hi Everybody! St. Petersburg is an icredibly beautiful city with its amazing architecture! It reminds me of Prague with the many pastel colored buildings. It has given us a great first impression of Russia and has definitely won our hearts. In some of our past travels to Eastern Europe, we have seen hundreds of gray Soviet apartment buildings and administration buildings. In St. Petersburg, we have seen not seen any ugly buildings. St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great but was actually named for the Apostle Peter. It served as the capital of Russia from 1713 until 1918. It is Russia's second largest city and has a population of 5 million people. The locals call it, Piter. It was built on 42 islands and has 90 rivers and canals. I believe that we ... read more
The Triumphal Arch & General Staff Building
Wedding Day

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin August 9th 2011

Fresh and clean I jumped on the Bajkal train to Irkutsk, which is the only train departing from St. Petersburg beyond Moscow. In fact the rail arches around Moscow and Nischny Novgorod, going to towns called Vologda and Kirov, before joining the original transsiberian route in Jekaterinenburg. This meant I was the only foreigner on the train until Jekaterinenburg, so I felt it to be a bit more original than what other tourists might experience. Getting my bike on the train was again no trouble. The conductor couple were two young 20-year-old kids from Irkutsk and one of them, calling himself Teddy, was a bike fan. So he carried in my bike and it was put in a perfect place in the smoking compartment at the end of the cabin. Teddy also gave me decines to ... read more
Woman with dog, old man and Rada

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg » Pushkin August 5th 2011

We are some, when in St. Petersburg, we feel like hovering a bit over the ground as we go along the prospects. This was the idea of Chester (an IT-specialist at the Danish School of Journalism) and I have always felt exactly the same way. Chester got married with a broad from here, and I certainly also made myself acquainted with some of the female half of the population when I once resided in ‘the Venice of the north’. Maybe this is what makes western men fly along the canals. As for me this stop would be about finding some of these old good-looking friends, whom I first met seven years ago. I have two good friends from back in the days - both women, both very attractive. But I had lost both their contacts as ... read more

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